Impressions from the Game

Although this will not make the box score, here are a couple of things that stood out to me during the game.

- The Cats opened up the game with a play-action pass? I'm not sure when the last time that happened was, and even though it wasn't completed it was still nice to see a little diversity. - Jordy Nelson showed he's willing to do the little things, picking up a huge block that allowed Allan Evridge to complete a pass for a first-down in the first quarter.

- Snyder said Tuesday that tight end Rashaad Norwood needed to be a bigger option in the passing attack. It seemed it might happen after a first quarter first down reception, but he dropped a pass later on and didn't really get any opportunities after that.

- Defensive tackle Derek Marso made a couple big plays for the defense. He stuffed a run that directly proceeded the Aggies' fake field goal attempt and sacked Reggie McNeal in the second quarter.

- Of the times McNeal was pressured, it seemed the defensive tackles got solid push up the middle. When Byron Garvin intercepted McNeal, both Quentin Echols and Alphonso Moran were in position for sacks.

- The Wildcats showcased a new punt return formation, mostly comprised of receivers and defensive backs, with no one down in a three point stance. It payed off with Adam Hamilton's blocked punt.

- A&M frosh back Jorvoskie Lane was quite a sight. I'm not sure if he does yet, but he'll have a nickname akin to "The Bus" (Jerome Bettis) by the time he's done as an Aggie. The kid seemed to be running downhill all game long.

- Matt Butler saw extensive action at the strong-side linebacker spot and played it adequately.

- Zach Diles is now working as a defensive end in dime-package situations for an increased pass rush. He showed why with his forced fumble that led to the blocked punt.

- While struggling with rhythm early, Evridge stepped up and made some big throws in the second half. I don't know many people that would have guessed that this team would pass for over 350 yards while rushing for under 30 in any game this season.

- I was never outside during the rain, but I was on the field at the end of the game and there was definitely a chill in the air. Kudos to all the fans that stayed around to see the game play out and weren't scared off by the cold. Continued support is something any team needs, but especially teams as young as this one. Final thought:

"I'm not so sure that we couldn't have run the ball better today. I really believe we could, but the game got away from us quick enough and all of a sudden we were having some opportunities in the passing game," said Coach Snyder.
I thought this was a dead-on. This would have been a totally different game if you throw out the first half.

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