"A fight-back attitude"

Coach Bill Snyder said Saturday's near-comeback late in the game showed some positives the team has this season. Snyder said the game show the team had "a little stronger character," and exhibited "somewhat of a fight-back attitude."

- Snyder it was hard to gauge exactly where quarterback Allan Evridge stands compared to what he expected at the beginning of the season, because "September 1, I thought (Evridge) was our third team quarterback." Snyder said there's no way he could have projected any expectations or goals for the young QB at that time.

Aside from that fact, Snyder said he expects Evridge to play as well as he can, and rung the offense as well as he can. "I'm not at a point where I think there needs to be a reduction in what we're asking him to do. I think he can handle it. He just needs more experience at it."

- The offensive line is "going through growing pains," according to Snyder, but he added that there are times when the line plays well. Snyder said the mistakes on the line are magnified because people at other positions can make mistakes and have it not cause a negative effect on a play, whereas on the offensive line "you probably can't run a play in which four out of five guys execute well and one doesn't and you can have success."

Developing the ability to have all five linemen operate successfully together is "part of the maturation process," Snyder said.

- Snyder said the upcoming weeks would allow the Wildcats to "settle in" and "play more down to earth football," after two weeks of making special preparations for Texas Tech and Texas A&M. "That will tell us a little bit about where we are right now."

- Strong safety Maurice Porter's coverage abilities have been beneficial in his starting role, but Kyle Williams is still relatively even with him, Snyder said. "(The starter) kind of depends on who practices the best during the week."

- What has been the main problem with K-State's rushing attack? Thomas Clayton is pointing the finger at himself. "I haven't made big plays for my team," Clayton said, "and they look for me to do that. I need to get back to doing that."

- Are the Wildcats reaping on Saturdays what they sow throughout the week? "(The quality of play) is never always on Saturday as it is on Monday through Thursday," Snyder said. "But, I think you see the inconsistency in some of those things during the course of practice during the week. Then, when they happen on Saturday, it's pretty easy to go back and say that's the reason why."

Snyder said all the Wildcats difficulties haven't shown up in practice, but added that it was important to address all that do. "You have to do more than lip service when it relates to trying to correct mistakes," Snyder said. "If you focus on (problems) enough, and the players focus on them enough, you can get them corrected." Snyder mentioned offensive penalties as an area where the team struggled at the beginning of the season, but had improved upon in recent weeks.

Nevertheless, the Wildcats still have problems areas to address, including defensive penalties. "You've got your finger in the dike over here, and you're springing a leak somewhere else," Snyder said. "So we've got to deal with it accordingly."

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