Moreira's status addressed

The hottest topic at Tuesday's press conference was the current status of receiver Jermaine Moreira. How much time will he miss? Could he be available this Saturday? These questions and more were addressed at Tuesday's press conference.

Released from Mercy Regional Health Center on Sunday afternoon, junior wide receiver Jermaine Moreira was back at practice where he "ran around and caught some balls," on Monday.

Will Moreira be ready to play when the Wildcats travel to Ames on Saturday to take on the Iowa State Cyclones? "That I don't know yet," Coach Bill Snyder said.

What drills would he take part in at Tuesday's practice? Again, Snyder said the coaching staff was unsure. The Wildcats will take Moreira's status day by day, Snyder said.

Moreira's current status did not surprise him, Snyder said, because he hadn't even concerned himself with whether he'd be available to play. "I wasn't thinking about it one way or the other," Snyder said. "I was just concerned about how he was. We weren't thinking about whether he would or wouldn't play."

Moreira has shown the capability to quickly bounce back from injuries in the past, Snyder said. "He's a tough young fellah," Snyder said. "Pleasant, but tough-minded. He's had some injuries that he really doesn't pay much attention to, and moves on."

Moreira suffered what appeared to be a neck injury in the final minute of the game last Saturday. He attempted to field a punt after it bounced on the turf, muffed it and was injured when trying to recover it.

After viewing replays, Snyder said the play was definitely the type an injury could result from. "You can understand why he was injured," Snyder said. "He got his head caught back that way, and was hit."

Moreira led the team in receiving against Colorado, with six receptions for 85 yards. He's currently averaging 10.6 yards per punt return, good for sixth in the Big 12 and 33rd in the nation.

The mere fact that Moreira was back at practice on Monday should be something all K-State fans take joy in. From the silence throughout the stadium as Moreira initially lay on the turf to the chanting of his name as he was wheeled off the field, fans made it known that they truly appreciated the determination and effort put forth by the receiver.

Mentioned by Snyder as one of the team's playmakers earlier in the season, the next big play on Moreira's agenda will be returning to the field on game day. Whether it's this Saturday or next season, one thing is for sure - he, like any player who returns from such a scary situation, deserves to have his name chanted when he gets back.

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