Depth Chart issues Questioned

Your source for the ins and outs, ups and downs of K-State football's weekly press gathering, Coach Snyder discusses morale, starters and what it will take to go bowling heading into this weekend on the road in Ames.....

As of Tuesday morning, the top of the running back depth chart remained unchanged, Snyder said. Meanwhile, the official depth chart dispersed each week remained the same as it has appeared for weeks. Though he's confirmed to be finished for the season, Byron Garvin remained atop one cornerback spot on the depth chart. Dylan Meier, all but confirmed to be done for the year, is still listed as the second-string placeholder.

With Garvin out and Justin McKinney now starting, Snyder said both Kyle Williams and Maurice Porter have been working out at cornerback. If something were to happen to Bryan Baldwin or McKinney, look for one of the two strong safeties to take snaps at cornerback. The team has felt the loss of Garvin, Snyder said. "He was playing awfully well for us," Snyder said. "It hasn't helped."

Alphonso Moran remains ahead of Derek Marso at defensive tackle, even though Marso started last week's game.

Concerning the runningbacks, Snyder said Parrish Fisher is being held back by issues resulting from "a freshman being a freshman." Snyder's response when asked to further elaborate? "He's a freshman."

Snyder spoke of Carlos Alsup's positive attitude and resolve he's shown throughout this season and his career at K-State when dealing with injuries and being low on the depth chart. "When a lot of people would be pretty disgruntled about the position they're in, he's been great," Snyder said. He also said Alsup had earned the right to carry the ball more in coming weeks and that a sixth year of eligibility was a possibility.

Snyder said he was pleased with the team's morale at Monday's practice. He also said the team's pass rush is improving. "We pressured the quarterback a little bit better this past week," Snyder said.

Snyder said the passing game has improved, and has put them in positions to win games the last couple weeks. Nonetheless, Snyder said he would rather be able to win with greater balance in the offense. "Would I prefer not to throw it 40 times? Probably," Snyder said.

The Cats need to win two of the next three games to be eligible for a bowl bid, meaning they need at least one victory on the road. A win Saturday at Ames would be a huge step toward that goal, as it would avoid the pressure of having to win two straight to close out the season. If K-State can stay away from the same nagging mistakes that have seemingly jumped out every game this year, victory is certainly attainable.

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