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Here is the latest on who is to interview, when and some of the things at play in selecting the next Head Coach at Kansas State.

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Alright, let's get to the heart of the situation. If you are reading this then you read yesterday that in terms of Coach Venables taking the Kansas State Head Coaching position- if offered- there were other items outside of football that were at play. One item that is a factor right now is family for Coach Venables. Recently his mother passed after a long battle and this has taken a toll on Coach Venables. Brent is the leading candidate at this point to take over the program and I have heard that it stands at 50/50 that he will take the position- if offered but that there are both pluses and minuses he is weighing.

As I reported yesterday, he is to be brought in to interview for the position either early today or tomorrow, depending on his schedule and that depending is that he has some personal things he wanted to attend to in his hometown of Salina. I am not going to go into other stories being reported, I am only going to report what I have knowledge of as of today.

At this point, and after what has been said in private, Coach Venables looks at this opportunity and knows that it is a very favorable situation for him to step into. The family issue is a very big item however as for intent and purpose, Brent is still grieving over the loss of his mother and this cannot be understated. There are those coaches who will forever be assistant coaches and those who will rise to Head Coaching positions but as assistants- it is very difficult to be to choosy and risk the chance that another does not arise. Brent has the fire and the desire to work the long hours and is one of the top recruiting assistants in all of college football. One thing that Brent Venables would bring to the table is an ability to recruit and an aggressive nature. Coach Venables feels in his heart that he is HC material and that he can take over a program and challenge and contend for titles and that is very important.

There are some traps however in that following a legend like former Head Coach Bill Snyder is difficult and there are those who have advised Brent that it might be more wise to follow the coach who follows Coach Snyder. And for the record, despite reports to the contrary, Brent and Coach Snyder have maintained a relationship over the years and there is a great deal of respect between the Oklahoma coaching staff and the Kansas State staff.

Right now, there is a strong pull for coach Venables to return to his alma mater and assume the Head Coaching position with some of the bigger K-State donors backing him. That said, as much as K-State will interview Coach Venables, he will also interview K-State and there are items that he feels he would need from administration in order to be successful. I do not want to go into too much detail here but there are things Coach Venables will be looking for in his interview that he feels strongly about in order to be successful at Kansas State.

Bottom Line- Coach Venables is interested in the job, is a K-Stater and will interview. There are some family issues at play with the recent death of his mother but he has two brothers in Salina and family in the state. Right now I have been informed that it really stands at 50/50 that he would take the job but the feeling is that it is his to either take or turn down and he is the front runner.

Coach Chuck Long.

Coach Long and Coach Snyder have a relationship that supercedes football and there are connections here from Iowa. Coach Long has been contacted and is slated to interview for the position. In talking to those close to the situation, the feeling is that if offered, Coach Long would accept the position and has always held a special place for Kansas State and Coach Snyder. There is also a feeling that although Coach Long is not a K-Stater, he would fit very well in the program and has all the tools to be successful. What makes Coach Long such a good fit for the program is that he is very similar in approach to Coach Snyder. He is a very humble person who excels on the offensive side of the ball and is able to create offenses tailored around the players that he has on campus. He is a very meticulous coach who puts in long hours and is respected in the coaching ranks. For those who hear grumblings coming out of Oklahoma about Coach Long- do not believe them, he is a serious candidate and his track record speaks for itself it terms of success.

When talking to one person close to this situation it was put to me like this: "Coach Long is the perfect guy for K-State. While Venables is a little more fiery and at times can be a little emotional, Coach Long is a thinker and he hides everything so well. Plus, he is just really a good guy and he relates so well to the kids. He is kind of a clone of Bill Snyder if you want to know the truth in terms of how they prepare and keep things tight to the vest." Coach Long is no slouch in the recruiting department either and is a very personal coach he relates well to the players and would bring some different things offensively to Kansas State.

Bottom Line: Coach Snyder and Coach Long have a very good relationship that goes way outside of football and through out the years, the Iowa Connection with all these coaches stays strong. Coach Long has been contacted by K-State and will interview for the position.

Ok- I know I have probably left some things out I forgot to put in this update, but we will cover them. Thanks for supporting the site and I hope this gives everyone a little more insight into what is happening.

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