One Assistant Retained by Coach Prince

There has been a great deal of speculation which assistant coach on Coach Snyder's staff would be retained- and new Head Coach Ron Prince has answered the speculation adding one assistant to his staff.

With Ron Prince being named the new Head Coach at Kansas State, there has been a great deal of speculation which assistants, if any, would be retained from former Coach Snyder's staff. Throughout last year, rumors abounded that some assistant's on the staff had privately discussed leaving Manhattan for positions elsewhere and this year the rumor mill again was in full operation.

With the announcement of Bill Snyder's decision to step down as the Head Coach of K-State, all assistant coaches were asked to clear their offices in preparation for the new staff. With this directive, they were also told that each would have the opportunity to interview for their current position with the new Head Coach but that ultimately the decision would be left to Bill Snyder's successor.

Coach Prince has moved quickly in an effort to put his staff together and we have learned that coach Mo Latimore has been offered an assistant coaching positon. A former All-American lineman for the Cats during the 70's, Coach Latimore has agreed to join Coach Prince's staff.

Although Coach Prince still has offers out to various coaches and positions open on his staff, Mo Lattimore has been the only coach retained from Bill Snyder's former staff thus far. Coach Latimore will be kept on to coach the defensive line is one of the most experienced coaches in Manhattan. With this hire, Coach Latimore will begin his 22nd year at Kansas State.

All former coaches have been informed of Coach Prince's decision and at this point are free to interview and find positions elsewhere. Coaches Chris Cosh and Dana Dimel remain under consideration for positions on the staff.

Offers are outstanding for other positions on Coach Prince's staff and we will continue to cover these as they develop.

For those of you wondering, although not considered coaching staff, Sean Snyder will continue on in his position of Director of Operations.

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