Cats Pick-up commitment from NEO Tight End

They say that recruiting is the lifeblood of a football program and when Ron Prince was named the new head coach he immediately set to work and has been burning up the recruiting trail, bringing in players from across the country. This weekend, Coach Prince hosted Northeast Oklahoma A&M teammates, TE- Michael Pooshke and CB- Devin Anderson, both have given pledges this weekend to play for Coach Prince and Kansas State.

"Actually how all this happened is Coach McCarty came by my school and originally he thought I was already taken. When he found out that I had not been, he was really excited and immediately arranged for me to come down for an official visit to Manhattan this weekend," Michael Pooshke told KStateFans.

Pooshke who has two to play two says that playing time was a factor in his decision and the coaches have told him that they will be counting on him to add minutes immediately and suit up for the Cats.

"Well, being a JUCO guy, I only have two years of football left and I did not want to go anywhere and have to sit. Coach Prince met with me and told me that he wanted me to play right away and that I would come in and being playing and adding minutes. Growing up in Oklahoma, I knew about Kansas State's tradition and what a good team they were and I wanted to play my ball in the Big 12. What better place then K-State with everything they have going on. It is a very exciting time," said Pooshke.

Tripping to Manhattan for an official visit, Pooshke said that he and teammate Devin Anderson had discussed playing together and committing together this weekend.

"Devin and I are really good friends. He plays on the other side of the ball but he and I both talked about coming down here and committing if everything went well."

Hosted by Jordy Nelson, Michael said his visit to Manhattan was excellent.

"It was just such a great trip. I had an excellent time meeting the other players and coaches. I was hosted by Jordy Nelson and when I first met him I thought to myself no way this guy plays football. I mean it shocked me a bit and then they told me the guy was like the third fastest guy on the team and told me about everything he has done this year. Manhattan is a great town and the fans are all into the program and I can't wait to get there. I went out and saw the town and it is really is perfect. Then Jordy and I just chilled out you know and I just got to relax," said an excited Pooshke.

In terms of the Coach Prince, Michael had a great deal of things to say about the new Kansas State Head Coach.

"Well, I actually committed before Devin did. I went in and talked to Coach Prince and he was just impressive. He laid out the rules and expectations and he said he really wanted to coach me and I told him I really wanted to play for him. I committed on the spot and when I left I passed Devin as I was coming out of his office and I just smiled. Right then he knew too that it was his turn and that was that you know."

Asked if Devin committed this weekend, Michael laughed and said:' "yea he committed too."

Michael, who is sharing a flight home with Courtney Edmond, a safety from Blinn JC who officially visited Manhattan as well this weekend said the he is looking to playing with Courtney in Manhattan.

"Courtney committed this weekend also. Jeff (Panfil) is the only one that did not commit this weekend. I mean we were all excited and happy and for me this was the first time I really got to meet Coach Prince. I know that Courtney and Devin are excited too. I know I am just so grateful to have the chance to play for them. I know Courtney and Devin are too and we are just happy to be a part of this and what Coach Prince is doing."

In terms of Coach Prince and his expectations, Michael said that Coach told him he had five rules to follow and if he followed the rules and was disciplined they would be playing for titles.

"Coach told me he has five team rules and then he went through those and made sure I knew what the rules were. He said as long as you come in and be truthful to him, do not let anyone come in and let him know what happened to always tell him first. That was important to tell him before anyone else did. Anything that happens after 1 o'clock am there will be no discussion about it, at all he said and that there would be trouble. No fooling around there and if it is before 1 o'clock then we can discuss it but if we are out in public we carry ourselves the right way. No sitting around having a beer in public you know that type of thing and just basically academic wise no slacking. We will go to class and keep our academics up. Coach Prince does not mess around," Pooshke told KStateFans.

Asked if Coach Prince had shared any of his goals, Michael was quick to point out K-State tradition.

"Coach Prince told me that it is his goal that I am reaching across him in two years before my time is through to pick up the Big 12 Championship trophy. He said that he is looking forward to coaching at K-State and that it is his job to get them back in the running and back to the standards of K-State football," said Pooshke.

Michael says that he is more a pass catching tight end and that he is looking forward to meeting some of his former teammates on the football field in the future.

"I have some teammates that are going to go to OU. And being from Oklahoma, I know what the Big 12 is all about. I have already called some of them and I know Devin will do the same and we have all just said we will see each other out there on the field. I am looking forward to that and bringing the trophy back to Manhattan…….As far as my best skills, I would say I am more of a pass catching tight end. I can stretch the field but I can block too. "

Michael will enroll at Kansas State in January and be ready to go for spring ball.

"I have wrapped everything up here at NEO. I am going to enroll this next semester and be ready to go in January and get ready for spring drills."

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