NEO CB Devin Anderson Commits to K-State

Northeast Oklahoma A&M cornerback Devin Anderson made his first official visit this weekend and said he saw enough that he did not want to take any other visits. Anderson, who weighs in at 5-foot- 9 ½' and 185 pounds said he did not need to take any other visits, he was a Wildcat.

Devin Anderson was the second NEO player to pull the trigger this weekend, committing to Kansas State this weekend on his official visit.

"Yes sir, I committed to K-State this weekend," Anderson told KStateFans. Devin has three years to play 2 and will enroll at Kansas State this January.

Anderson, who hosted by K-State defensive lineman M.L. Latimore said his trip to Manhattan was a good one and that he had seen enough to know where he wanted to play his college ball.

"I got a chance to spend some time with all the defensive players and just hang out and after meeting Coach Prince, I did not need to take any other visits. I met with Coach Prince and got what I needed and everything just went from there and fell in place. Latimore the D-tackle hostedme and he was great. He gave me my space and some time and everything and told me everything I needed to know. I met a lot of the defensive players and we all just got along great." said Anderson.

Coach Tim McCarty played a large role in bringing Devin in for an official visit to Manhattan and had ties to Anderson that paved the way for his commitment.

"Coach McCarty came up to school and he had seen me before when he had coached at East Central. So he knew what I was all about and had seen me. When he went to K-State and they told him what kind of players they needed, he came back through and asked if I would be interested and everything. He is really why I ended up taking the visit and he already knew about me and everything," said the newest wildcat commitment.

Joined by NEO teammate, Michael Pooshke in committing this weekend, Anderson said that they both had talked about committing prior to their trip.

"Michael was in there first and he and I had talked about playing together. We wanted to play with one another and I just knew. He went in first to talk with Coach Prince and then when he came out, he just gave me a look and I knew. That was all I needed, I knew after that. I had talked to him before and said ‘I am with you on that' and when he came out I just knew and now we both have the same deal. That is what I wanted and now I am getting it too."

Devin said that in talking with Coach Prince, he knew he would fit into the program at Kansas State.

"I really got to talk to Coach (Prince). He just seems like he is really honest. Mean I just met him but he was honest with me and I just think I am stepping into a good place. He told me what he wants from his players and what he wants to do out there. He wants to play defense old-school and get after it. He told me that we are going to be aggressive and get after people. We are not going to sit back, we are going to come after you. He told me that he wants to bring back the defense at K-State and that is the style I want to play and am best at."

Anderson says that although he has three years to play with an optional red-shirt year, he is looking to come in and compete right away.

"That is the goal, I want to come in and play or at least compete and get on the field. I mean I have the extra year but that should be everyone's goals- to play."

In terms of what Coach Prince told Devin behind doors about what he expects from his players, the new commit said that Coach Prince was very upfront with him about laying out the rules before he steps on campus.

"Coach Prince just said it like it is you know. He told me that he will treat me like a man as long as I act like a man. I mean he told me that as long as I follow the rules and go to class and act like a man then that is how he will treat me. He told me what I can expect from him as a coach and what he wants from us as players."

Devin says that he his best skills are playing press corner and that he is looking forward to playing in Coach Prince's aggressive scheme.

"I like playing up on my man and taking away the field. I want our defense to be able to stack as many players as they need in there to shut everything down and not have to worry about the passing game. I want to be able to shut my side of the field down and let the defense put everyone in there if they need to or blitz or whatever. Coach told me we are going to bring it back and blitz and take care of business. That he is looking to restore the tradition at K-State in terms of playing aggressive defense."

Anderson says that although he has run a 4.3 forty, 4.4 speed is something he can bring to the table on a regular basis

"I have run a 4.3 but I am generally in the 4.4's. I run mid 4.4's and was clocked over the summer and ran a mid 4.4, four times in a row. So that is something pretty regular for me to run."

Anderson who along with Pooshke committed this weekend, said that Courtney Edmond, the Safety prospect from Blinn JC also committed this weekend.

"I know Courtney from playing against him. We played them this year and our schools play them every year so I knew him from that but we had a good time this weekend. He actually went in before Michael and I did and got things rolling. He left before I got a chance to get his number but we will be catching up and talking."

Asked if there was anything he would like me to pass along to Kansas State fans, Anderson chuckled and said:" I am just really happy to be at Kansas State. I am not taking any other visits and I guess just let everyone know that I want to come in and help be part of the program and play hard for them," said an excited Anderson.

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