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With five teammates already committing to Kansas State, Chris Wade is the last recruit from NEO A&M that Coach Prince and staff has targeted. He will trip to Manhattan in mid-January. To follow Kansas State Recruiting, Sign up today for Total Access!

After watching five of his college teammates pledge to Kansas State, NEO A&M Junior College DE Chris Wade said that he is looking forward to taking a trip to Manhattan on January 20th.

"I really do not know that much about them other then what they (teammates) are telling me. I need to go down there and check things out for myself and meet with the coaches and talk to them," Wade told KStateFans.

Having already taken a trip to Arkansas, Wade says that he is looking around right now but that Arkansas is his favorite school – right now.

"Arkansas is my top school. I have gone out there already for a trip and I know about them and right now they are my favorite. Kansas State, you know with mow hard they are recruiting my right now and then making a trip out there, they are my second team. Those would be my top two schools right there."

With five other NEO A&M teammates already committing to the Cats, Wade says it does play a factor in his decision.

"Well those are my boys right there and we talk. You know they are all telling me that I need to go there and they are recruiting me pretty hard but I have told them that I am going to take a visit and I am really happy for them. But I have to do what is right for me, you know. I have to do what is good for me and my Mom and I are going to make the trip down there so I can meet with the coaches."

Coach McCarty is recruiting Wade for K-State and Chris says he is looking forward to ultimately meeting Head Coach Ron Prince.

"I really do not know that much about Coach Prince. We have not ever spoken. Everything has been through Coach McCarty so I am looking forward to getting to talk to him and seeing what he is all about and what plans he has for the program."

Although the Cats were not recruiting Wade under former Head Coach Bill Snyder, Chris says the current staff is recruiting him very hard.

"Well we have one of the best defenses in the country. Coach McCarty just stopped by our school and he told me that he had been looking at me for awhile. Then our coach just asked about 6 of us to stay one day after practice and Coach McCarty talked to us and told us all he was interested in us and that he was going to recruit us and wanted us to take trips there. Coach McCarty just told me that he had been watching me for awhile and K-State moved up my list after everyone took trips and they keep talking to me," Wade told KStateFans.

With three years to play two, Wade says he wants to select a school that affords him the chance to play early, with strong academics and a school with a reputation for playing good defense.

"I only have so many years left and so I need to find first a school that has good academics cause not everyone is going to go to the league. If football does not work out, I need to have a good degree. After that I guess I want to go somewhere that has a good defense and I can have a chance to play once I get there."

Chris is currently looking at Arkansas, Kansas State, Baylor and Louisville with a trip to Manhattan scheduled for the 20th of January.

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