DT- Committed on a Belief

NE Oklahoma A&M Defensive Tackle says it was a conversation he had with Head Coach Ron Prince that lead him to commit to Kansas State- a place he has never seen. A belief he says....

Sophomore Defensive Tackle Brandon Balkom became the fourth recruit from the NE Oklahoma A&M to commit to Kansas State and he says it all came down to faith and a belief.

On January 20th, Brandon will take and official visit to Manhattan and his first ever visit to Kansas State, a place he has committed to spend the next couple of years of his life based on a conversation and a belief.

"Coach Prince talked to me and he talked me about three things and that right there is why I committed to play for him and Kansas State. He told me about intensity and having a will to win. You know things are not easy in life and you have to have a will to win, a desire to not lose and the intensity. He told me about being humble and having a fire and that is how I play. That is what I believe and right there is when I knew I wanted to play for him," Balkom told KStatefans.

Balkom will make his official visit on the 20th of January with fellow teammates Antwon Moore and Justin Roland and says he is looking forward to visiting campus.

"Growing up I have always wanted to play at Kansas State. I love their defense and you know growing up in Oklahoma, all you know about is the Big 12. That has been a dream of mine to play and when they first started recruiting me I could see myself playing for them. You know I got my boys coming with me too. I am going to have them and I am really looking forward to getting down there and talking with the coaches and players. Getting to know them better. It's Kansas State, you know and so I am kind of excited," said the star Defensive Tackle.

Playing for one of the best junior college defenses in the country, Balkom says he likes the new defense that K-State will employ with new DC Raheem Morris is very similar to the defense they run at NE Oklahoma A&M.

"The new defensive coordinator that they brought in from the Buccaneers, he plays a tough style of defense and I like that. We run something here that is pretty much the same and so I think I can come right in and play. I feel very comfortable coming to play in that defense, plus I have all my boys there and I know what they can do."

With three years to play two, Balkom says he was told come to Kansas State ready to play.

"Devin (Anderson) and Michael (Pooshke) have already signed and I know they can step in and play. They both can get some time but the coaches have told me to be ready to play. There is no messing around they want me ready to go and told me once I get there, that they are going to be using me and that I am going to play."

At 6-foot-1 and 280 pounds, Brandon says he is looking forward to playing for the Cats on defense and playing his way into a starting role at the defensive tackle spot.

"Kansas State has a history and a tradition of great defenses and that is something that I am looking forward to being a part of. You know they have been down a little but it is our job to take that and bring that back and growing up in Oklahoma, I am looking forward to playing in the Big 12."

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