Saving one trip for Last

Almost exactly one month ago, this Blue Chip OL prospect had Kansas, Tennessee and Colorado State in a three way tie for his services. That has since changed...... To read more about his recruitment, click below!

Height: 6-7
Weight: 272
40 time: 5.0
From: Pratt, Kansas
High School: Pratt

Scott Krehbiel has a final five schools he is looking at and has scheduled four visits. "I am going to Kansas on the 6th of January, Tennessee on the 13th of January, and Arkansas on the 20th. I am probably going to visit KSU on the 27th. I was supposed to visit there on the 3rd but they did not

One of the top targets on the recruiting board for Kansas State and one of the premier blue chip prospects in the state of Kansas this year, mammoth O-linemen Scott Krehbiel says the Cats will get his last visit.

"I was supposed to take a visit to Kansas this past weekend but I had ACL surgery Tuesday so I did not go. I am supposed to go to Tennessee this weekend and I am not sure I will take that trip either. I am heading to Kansas State sometime later this month, either the 28th or the 20th- at this point I am not sure," Krehbiel told KStateFans.

Krehbiel who once had Kansas highly rated says that the coaching change at Kansas State has made him re-evaluate his favorites and new Wildcat Head Coach Ron Prince had become a large factor in his recruitment.

"To tell you the truth, the change actually helped a little but. I have met with Coach Prince and talked to him quite a few times and I am very impressed with what he is planning on doing with Kansas State. I think Coach Prince goes by his values and he is very honest. The impression that I got is not only is he a very good football coach but he is an extremely respected man and he is going to be a well respected man there when others get to know him. I think very highly of him as a person not only as a coach. He is going to help the kids grow up even more and I have just spoken to him many times and he is a man of integrity and just very very honest with you."

Although Coach Prince and Scott continue to have conversations, Coach McCarty is the lead man recruiting Scott for the Cats. And although the star Offensive Lineman has had to have surgery to repair his ACL, he says Kansas State never missed a beat in continuing to recruit him to Manhattan.

"Kansas State never stopped recruiting me. Really the only other school that stopped recruiting me was Arkansas but Coach McCarty keeps in touch with me and has been very supportive. The injury has not been an issue," said Krehbiel.

Having missed the Kansas visit and the possibility that he may not make the trip to Tennessee, Scott says he has one school that stands out for his signature. Only one month ago the Blue Chip OL prospect had Kansas, Tennessee and Colorado State in a three way tie for his services- that has since changed.

"K-State. K-State is my favorite. They are in the lead right now and then after that, Tennessee and Colorado State but K-State is in the lead."

Asked if he felt any pressure to stay in the state of Kansas, Scott says there is always pressure and that he is looking for the right place to spend the next four years of his life with Coaches that he has a good relationship with.

"You know, there is a little pressure to stay in state but I would not say there is any more pressure to stay in state then there is usually. You are going to have that pressure as the home kid but I would not say any more then usually. I am looking for the right place and with coaches I have built a good relationship with."

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