Texas OL tripping to Manhattan

From one of the premier High School programs in the country, D-Love will take his visit to Kansas State this weekend.....

Height: 6-4 1/2
Weight: 285
40 time: 5.3
Bench: 350
Squat: 425
From: Dallas, Texas
High School: Carter

One of the top O-Line prospects in the state of Texas and playing for a high school powerhouse in Dallas Carter, DeMarcus Love will take two more visits and then make a decision as to where he will play his college ball.

"Yes sir I am going to take a visit to Kansas State this weekend and then I will take a visit to Arkansas and that will probably be it after that last visit," Love told KStateFans.

Kansas State who has been recruiting Love for several months says that the new coaching staff has picked up the Wildcats recruiting efforts of recent.

"Kansas State has really started to recruit me hard again. Before the coaching change I did not think that they were as interested as they are now and they have been talking to me. They are talking to me about switching from offensive line and they are recruiting me at defensive tackle. I am not really sure about that you know I have played on offense for so long. I am not sure what to think about that but I know all their moves. I know all the offensive linemen's moves and I think I could play at defensive tackle."

Taking a trip to Kansas last weekend with teammate Michael Crabtree, Love says that he is looking forward to his trip to Manhattan.

"I am looking forward to talking to Coach Prince and checking everything out there. I took a visit to Kansas last weekend and that was a good visit but I would like to compare them."

Love, who injured himself this season and was unable to play in the play-offs, says he is ready to return to the gridiron.

"I had a hairline fracture in my foot and that kept me out of the play-offs. Man that was hard too not being able to play. It left a big hole in our line but I got that all worked out. I am straight now. Everything has healed up and I am ready."

In terms of a decision, Love says that he will return home prior to making a commitment and will discuss the trip with his family.

"Right now I know that Kansas is filling up and will take a couple more Linemen. I still have to look though at Kansas State and then Arkansas so that I can make a decision."

"Even if the visit to Kansas State was perfect, you know, I got to come back and sit with family and talk to my parents. I am not going to pull the trigger on my visit. I am going to come back and sit down and talk things with them and talk with what they think and then make a decision. Once I get back from Arkansas I am going to make my decision. I think for sure after Arkansas."

Asked if there were any one team that currently held the lead for his services, Love was quick to point out that all schools were under consideration.

"I thought when I got from Kansas that they had a little bit of an edge I guess but right now I am thinking I just need to go check everyone out and then from there you know make my decision. I guess Kansas State, Kansas and Arkansas are all the same right now."

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