Speedy Texas RB ready to visit Manhattan

This Dallas speedy Dallas product has set his visit to Manhattan and says he is looking forward to talking to the new coaching staff and getting to know what future plans the Cats have in store.... To follow this story, please click below.

Dallas (Texas) Samuell running back Cornell Tarrant has four visits set up for the month of January and says he is has a leader but will take all of his visits unless something drastic happens.

"I am going to go to A&M (Texas) this weekend and talk with the coaches and take my official visit there. After that I have a visit to Kansas on the 20th after that and then I am going to Kansas State on the 27th of January," Tarrant told KStateFans.

Currently, Texas ATM is the leader for the Blue Chip prospect but Tarrant says he will take all of his visits and then sit down with his family to make a decision.

"Texas A&M is my favorite right now. They are out in front and then after that I would say that Kansas or SMU is after them and then Kansas State is probably after that. You know Kansas State had that change in coaches and all and you know how that goes. That is something that I have to look at."

"You know Kansas State and the coaches have told me that I am there back but you know you have to be careful with that. I mean this is a business and you know coaches are looking out for what they have to do and you have to look at where you fit in and where in the program you fit."

"I am looking for a place that I can go with good academics and where I fit in. I mean it has to be a place where I feel like it is my second home and I can go and be happy. I have to fit in with the players and get along with the coaches and it just has to feel right. I have to get the right feeling there. I went to SMU last weekend and I am going to go to A&M this weekend and unless something drastic happens I am going to take all my visits and then sit down with my family."

Tarrant is 5-foot-11, 195 pounds with 4.4 speed and says that he has been clocked as low as 4.29 in the forty.

"I run usually in the 4.3 to 4.4 range. If you are talking about electronic then I run a 4.4 but hand held I run in the 4.3's. I ran a 4.29 on asphalt once and that was hand held but speed is no problem for me."

Cornell already holds offers from his top four schools and says that distance is not a factor for him.

"Right now I have my favorite school but you know I have the trips I still need to take and talk to the coaches and everything and that could change. I mean you have to go where it is best for you and you have to keep an open mind about that and look at everything. You really have to look at the academics and then the program and how you fit in there and then come home, sit down with your family and make the best decision for you. I would like to stay a little closer to home for my family but I can't base a decision off just that."

"I have not really had a chance to talk Coach Prince yet. I have been talking with Coach McCarty and the coaches under Coach Snyder to tell you the truth recruited me harder but that might be because I am new to them and all so I am looking forward to talking to him on my visit and finding out what he is all about."

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