Arizona LB Enjoys his visit to K-State

Visiting Manhattan for the first time, Arizona LB Torrey Huckaby says that he enjoyed his visit and he is not alone. Huckaby says that there is another prospect that visited and his very close to committing. To read more, Please click the link below.

Glendale (Ariz.) Community College linebacker Torrey Huckaby took his official visit to Manhattan this weekend, along with a bevy of other recruits committed to Kansas State. Having committed to the Cats last week, Huckaby says he had a good visit and is looking forward to taking care of business and getting on the field for the Cats.

"Yea my visit there was cool. Everything was just cool you know…I got to meet Coach Prince and told me even before I got there about what he wants, you know. Talking to me about integrity and everything like that. Just talking to me about what he wants from his players and all. You know he's cool….. Everything was good you know, just chillin on the trip you know. Getting to meet everyone and hang out with them, watch the game a little bit and just chill. It was cool," Huckaby told KStateFans.

Needing almost 31 credit hours to graduate, Huckaby says he has laid out a plan that will facilitate the degree requirements he is short to play for the Wildcats.

"Oh yea, I am going to be going to K-State as soon as I get this degree. Yep. I am going to be going to K-State, I just got to take care of my business here you know. I am ready to play some football for the Cats yep."

"Well now they want me to play linebacker but I got to get this degree first you know. I got a long way to go with my grades, got to get this degree. Got to go to summer school everything and all so I can't be down there just yet but they want me to play linebacker, yep. I need 31 credit hours. So I got to go 19 this semester and then 12 in the summer. Yep. Gotta do it."

"Right now I just got to take care of these grades and put it together you know. I got a lot out here I got to do and get this degree and from there it's just balling you know. I'm with K-State. It ain't like I am going to take no visits, it's all K-State."

On his visit, Torrey says he met another defensive prospect (Ervin Baldwin) from the West Coast that is high on the Cats and may commit in the near future.

"Oh yea, he told me that he was going to come out there and play with the Wildcats. He was going to commit. Yea G-Ball is coming with me. I am not sure if he told the coaches yet but he told me he is going to come with me to play for the Wildcats. We are coming down together you know. We gonna be balling together you know, playing for the Cats and bringing them back. I don't know when, he told me that he was coming, that he was going to be there with me and all. Yep."

Huckaby says the old school charm of the campus is something that stood out for the 6-foot-3, 210-pound linebacker from Arizona.

"The campus stood out. I like the campus you know, I like the way it looks. It looks old school. I like the scenery and all, yep. I like the coaches, I liked everything. It was cool you know. I liked everything about it. It's just a cool spot."

"Coach Prince and the rest of the coaches down there, they is cool and all. Yep. I got to see the field, see that green you know. Just looking to getting down there you know and taking care of business. Bringing the Cats back up. Yep. Just putting it on and taking them back to the defense they used to play and be with that and all. That's it, just all about K-State and this degree right here."

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