Tony Purvis Talks K-State

Future Cat Tony Purvis is ready to play for Coach Prince and makes big impression at cornerback. Just last week McCook, NE cornerback Tony Purvis was looking forward to taking his official visit to Kansas State. With limited scholarships available, Tony committed last week, moved his visit up to this week and says he could not be any more excited after taking his official visit to Manhattan this week.

"Derek Meyer from Campbell Nebraska was my host. Had to put us Nebraska kids together and I just had a blast on my visit," Purvis told KStateFans.

"Actually the thing that stood out to me the most was the coaches. They are so full of energy, it was just great. I mean you talk about fun, it was just great. I mean they were just so much fun and so charged up. It was so crazy, they were just jazzed about everything and I think that is going to bring a lot (to the program).

Other then that I was just impressed with the facilities. It all just seemed pretty good to me when I was down there but I am probably a little bit biased opinion," Purvis said chuckling.

"They fed us unbelievable. They gave us steak and chicken the first night. And then we ate breakfast and had everything that you could think of. Then they took us down to Aggieville to some places down there and we got to eat some prime rib last night."

"I really did not talk about depth or anything else when I was there. Coach Morris, the defensive coordinator is going to come up, come to my house and talk to my coaches in a week or two. He wants to know the type of program that we run and talk to my coaches and get a feel for who we are and stuff.

"I will probably talk to him a little bit more in terms of where I fit or how they want to use me then. I am not sure about numbers or how they want to use me just yet, but I will get all of that with Coach Morris when he visits."

"They give us a packet once we sign and they told us we can report and go to summer school so that we can start working out with the team. But they are going to give me a packet and let me know what I need to do to get ready and I will be going to summer school so that I can get there and get ready and work out with the team"

"I think everyone else had such a good time. I heard but good things from everyone that was there. I know that one of the guys from Georgia got offered and just heard nothing but good stuff from everyone. I stuck around a couple of kids there more or less but everything was so good, everyone had just such a good trip there."

"Derek really impressed me. He told me, pretty much everyone told me that I am coming in at the right time. Everyone is really excited with Coach Prince and the staff and told me that is going to be a lot of fun. He told me it is going to be a little different that what Coach Snyder is used to running.

"The coaches are so full of energy here and I think maybe they relate to the kids and the younger guys a little better then maybe under the other coaching staff. I mean every player I have talked to, everyone just says how much they love the new staff that was brought in.

Everyone is really excited because the coaches get along so well and they have passed that excitement and fun to the players. From what I have seen so far, everyone is really excited with the coaches and where things are going."

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