Brandon Balkcom on Cloud 9 after visit

Defensive Tackle Brandon Balkcom made his official visit to Manhattan with fellow NEO teammates, Justin Roland, Antwon Moore and Wildcat DE Target - Chris Wade this weekend. Balkcom came away impressed with his visit but said he was not alone. There are some interesting comments in regards to the other recruits who visited this weekend. Other commitments coming? To follow this story, click on the link below.

One of four Northeastern Oklahoma A&M players to take their official visit to Manhattan this weekend, defensive tackle Brandon Balkcom says his visit could not have gone any better and he wished he never had to leave Manhattan.

"Yea man the trip there was great. The trip was phenomenal. I am proud to be a Wildcat. I would not want to go anywhere else man," Balkcom told KStateFans.

"Unreal, as soon as we get to the game, everyone is standing up. Everyone is cheering us and clapping and applauding us and cheering All Hail Prince! Screaming it man. I could not believe it man. Straight up, it blew me away. I could not believe it" the excited Balkcom said. "Coach (Prince) got to talking to us, telling us about you have to fake land at this place and switch to another plane and all because people are tracking you. And I was like that ain't real, that is down school I thought you know, the coach is giving us a little business. You know playing with us and stuff and then I had like at least 10 people come up to me and tell me ‘oh man, your Brandon Balkcom did you commit?' It was just unreal. I could not believe how into it everyone is and how they already know who you are and everything."

Hosted by Quintin Echols and Junior Moran, Balkcom says he already fits right in with the players and with the support of his other NEO teammates and current Wildcat commits Justin Roland, Devin Anderson, Antwon Moore and Michael Pooschke, the situation at Kansas State could not be any better for him.

"The players here are all great. I was hosted by Quintin and Junior and the treated me right, They made sure I had everything I needed on the trip and just looked after me. They were all class, just classy guys and we just hooked up and hung out and everyone just gets along real good. I am really happy about my decision. We all talked with Coach Prince this morning and he just talked to us. Just told us he wants us there but there was no pressure. He is really relaxed."

Tripping to Manhattan with fellow Wildcat target and NEO teammate Chris Wade, Balkcom says he enjoyed his visit to Manhattan as well but he has a hard decision to make in the future.

"I can tell you that Chris was impressed with his visit up here man. But he said it is going to be a real hard decision man. You know a real hard decision. We told him how we felt about it. That we need him here, that we need his speed. And he was like ‘it would be cool to be with my boys again' but it is hard on him right now," Balkcom stated on the chances Wade will join him at K-State.

"Coach Prince, man that guy is so laid back. My mom, after she met him she cried. After he told her that he was in charge of me now and what he was going to do with school and what I was going to be getting myself into and how he was going to take care of me and get after me. She just cried man she was so happy for me. So happy that I am a Wildcat and that is all she talks about now. That is all she can talk about, me being a Wildcat. Her favorite color is purple but Coach Prince, man what can I say about him? Me too, I am just so happy to be a Wildcat."

With three years to play three, Balkcom says he is looking forward to being part of the Wildcat defense just as soon as he can get to Manhattan.

"I can tell you I cannot wait to play there and I am not the only one. I know Moses (Manu) and Robert Jackson committed while we were there. It's close on Chris you know but I know there are others like Otis, I think he committed too. Shoot, I would be suprised if everyone did not commit. Everyone was saying they got other schools after them but after this visit, after this trip- everyone is saying it would be hard not to come here. Man, I did not want to leave. If I had to rate this trip- it is like a 100 out of 10. It was off the chart," said an elated Balkcom.

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