Jeron Mastrud chooses Kansas State

Having committed to Oregon State initially, Jeron Mastrud took a visit to Manhattan this weekend and had a change of heart.....

Jeron Mastrud is a busy guy. Not only is he playing basketball for Southridge High School in Beaverton, Ore., but the 6-foot-7, 250-pound athlete, who is capable of playing numerous positions has just decided where he will be spending his collegiate football career.

"It was very hard on me to call and tell the Oregon State coaches that I was not coming but I have committed to Kansas State," Mastrud told KStateFans en route to basketball practice.

The son of a High School Football coach, Mastrud was recruited top play different positions by different schools, for Kansas State, the gifted prospect will play Tight End. Committing to Oregon State initially, Mastrud said he owed it to himself to make one other visit to Manhattan.

"I talked to coach Prince and the other coaches and they gave me the answers that I needed. I am going to play tight end for K-State. Before the trip to Manhattan I was going to Oregon State but I felt I needed to make one more visit and everything just felt right."

After just notifying the coaches at Oregon State of his decision, Mastrud said that although hard, it was a huge relief to end the recruiting process.

"Well I was committed to Oregon State and telling them was very hard. They were great to me but I felt the right place for me was Kansas State. They gave me the right answers to all of my questions and were very honest in their answers. I just felt like this was the best place for me to be. I felt like I needed to be at Kansas State to continue to the next level in my career and that they were the best place for me to do that. To tell you the truth, I am really relieved to have told everyone and to end the process."

With the size to play along the line, Mastrud says he is looking forward to working hard and vying for playing time.

"My ultimate goal is to see playing time but I also know that there is a large amount of work that I still need to do before I can step and play. Playing at the college level is going to be an adjustment and I know I have work to do so I am not sure if I will see the field early or not but I am looking forward to playing at Kansas State and I really think that Coach Prince is the right guy. He is a very honest and hardworking guy and although the decision of where I was going was mine, my parents added their input too and they just pointed out some things that really helped me and allowed me to make the right decision for me," said Mastrud.

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