Texas Duo may Sign Later

With signing day tomorrow, these two Texas prospects will have to wait until alter to sign their letters of intent. To follow this story, click on the link below.

Ever since James Dancy and Patrick Turner made their official visits to Manhattan, the talented prospects who hail from Houston Madison High School have been Wildcats. With signing day tomorrow, both say they will forgo the signing day ceremonies set up at their High School and their futures at Kansas State right now are still uncertain.

Two prospects that the Wildcat Coaching staff started recruiting late, Defensive linemen James Dancy and Offensive Linemen Patrick Turner may have to wait before they know whether or not they will become Kansas State Wildcats.

"We are not going to sign with everyone else on signing day right now. We are both going to Kansas State, we just have some things with our grades and all that we have to work out yet. We both loved our visit there and we aren't thinking about going anywhere else but both of us are not qualified just yet," Dancy told KStateFans.

Although both Turner and Dancy will not participate in the signing day ceremonies, both have every intention of making it to Manhattan. Having committed to Coach Prince and staff after their official visits to Kansas State, they say they loved everything about their visit and would not want to go anywhere else. "We may not be part of this class coming in but we are both going to K-State. We loved our visit there, I mean what is not to like. All the fans they got down there and the way the coaches are turning everything around. That is the place to be. Patrick did not even take his trip to Arizona State last week cause he knew there was no place better then K-State. We both want to be there and it is not like we are going to change or minds or anything."

"Straight up the coaches and Coach Prince mainly, told us that if we make the grades and what we need to get qualified, then he will take us in this class. If not then they are going to place us and then we will come later but we both are coming. We are not thinking anything else but setting it right, getting qualified and getting there you know. I am short on my test and Patrick has some grades he needs to bring up. I am doing better in this semester with my grades so that helps too with the test," said Dancy.

For James, who at 6-foot-one and 250 pounds with 5.1 speed in the forty has the size to play along the defensive line, he says he only has a little ways to go on his test score before becoming eligible.

"I took the SAT once and just did not do too well so I have to get that up you know. But I just took the SAT again yesterday and I really feel good about taking it. I feel pretty good about it so that is all I need. Otherwise the coaches are going to put me at Navarro Jr. College I think and that is not happening. I need to get down to K-State."

Both prospects will be in touch with the Wildcat coaches throughout the remainder of this semester for their progress and Dancy says that Coach Prince has told him he will be monitoring his progress throughout.

"Coach Prince told me he is going to keep up with me. You know he wants me to make it in and he is going to getting track of us but he told both me and Patrick that it is up to us you know and that he knows we can make it up."

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