Kendall lets his "intentions be known"

One the eve of signing day, Zach Kendall has already spoken with Coach Prince and Coach Latimore....

Harrisonville (MO) DE Zach Kendall was one of the first to pull the commitment trigger in favor of Kansas State and on the eve of signing day, his verbal commitment is rock solid.

Holding official offers from Ball State, Colorado State, Kansas, Kansas State and Tulsa, not to mention receiving serious interest from Arkansas and Missouri, Zach Kendall opted to shut it ( the recruiting process) down and secure a spot with the K-State way back in June. On the eve of signing day, Zach says he has more then made his intentions known and it is all Kansas State.

"I kind of let everyone know that was trying to still recruiting me that it is all Kansas State. I let me intentions be known and just shut it completely down. There is nothing going on here, I mean I let everyone know where I am going and that I was not going to go anywhere else. I am ready to sign and you know just waiting for tomorrow," Kendall told KStateFans.

"I am not thinking about anything but signing tomorrow. I am just really excited, kind of anxious. I spoke to Coach Prince and Coach Latimore and everything is good, just looking forward to tomorrow."

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