Robert Jackson on Track with Classes

Junior College Fort Scott (Kan.) Community College Defensive End Robert Jackson originally signed with Syracuse coming out of High School in Connecticut. Not making the grades to qualify, Jackson choose to attend Fort Scott CC and put himself in position to play Division I football. Signing his letter of intent to play for Head Coach Prince and the Wildcats, Jackson says…..

Signing his letter of intent to play for Coach Prince and the Kansas State Wildcats, Robert Jackson says that all systems are go for his graduation and that following his class work at Fort Scott, Jackson will join the Wildcats.

"Oh yea, I am taking care of business. I am taking classes right now and I have a lab that I have to take and then I am all done. I am on track and just need to finish up before I hit Manhattan," Jackson Told KStateFans.

Excited that signing day is over, Jackson says he is relvied to be signed and that the pressure is now off of him.

"Now that I have signed it is all out there and anybody that did not know, now they do. I am glad that it is all over and I can just concentrate on working out and school. No more late night calls and coaches trying to get you to go to their school. I am really happy it is all over with."

Taking classes this semester at Fort Scott, Jackson says he has one lab in the first short semester of summer left to take and then he will be done with classes at Fort Scott.

"I have everything pretty much taken care of with the classes I am taking right now. All I have left is one lab that goes over with one of the classes I am taking right now for that first mini-semester in the summer and then I am done. That's it. After that I will be done and ready for Division I."

Bringing blazing speed to the table, Jackson says he will be working out and hitting the weights heavily to get ready to put himself into a position to vie for immediate playing time.

"Speed. That is what I am going to work on some more. I spent a lot of time last summer just running and trying to get my speed and my time's down. I am going to be working out a lot this summer and keeping size but they told me they want my speed out there and I am going to try and get in there faster then what I was before. They told me they want me ready to go and that is what I am going to do – but I am going to come in faster and stronger."

With three years to play two, Jackson says the clock is ticking and he is ready for duty.

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