Safety taking a Heavy Class Load

Growing up in Oklahoma, Antwon Moore says he is close to living out a dream when he comes to K-State. Prior to arrival however, Moore is taking heavy class loads......

Antwon Moore, a hard hitting 6-foot, 213-pound, safety with 4.4 speed, from Northeast Oklahoma A&M says he is close to realizing a dream.

Growing up in Oklahoma and going to High School at Ponca City HS with fellow teammates and recent Kansas State signees Devin Anderson and Justin Roland, Antwon Moore says he is very close to realizing a dream that he has had for numerous years.

"Devin and Rolo and I all went to high school together and were raised up together. We have been playing football together for a long time and we always said that if we ever had a chance to got to college together- that is what we would do. When Kansas State started recruiting us all- it was like a dream come true. We all went to NEO together and now we are all going to be going to K-State together. It is like a dream come true that everything worked out this way for us and we are going to be able to play together," Moore told KStateFans.

Currently still enrolled at NEO in Oklahoma and taking classes this semester, Moore says he is on track to graduate and join the Wildcats.

"Right now I am taking a lot of classes but I wanted to take them so that I could get down there and have my major all ready to go. I want to step in and be able to have everything for school already worked out and just ready. I just need to finish up these classes and then I will graduate and join Devin down there. He is already there now."

Moore who plans on majoring in Human Resources says that he is taking a heavy class load to put himself in position to have the right classes to transfer to K-State.

"Man I am taking a lot of classes right now you know just trying to get everything together to get down there and all. I want everything there already so that I have my major all worked out and do not have to take as many classes. Everything I am taking should transfer and then I can take less (classes) when I get down there and have it hooked up for my major."

When asked how heavy a load, Moore chuckled and told KStateFans that he is going to be very busy until graduation.

"Man I am full. I am taking a bunch (of classes) right now, maybe something like 21 hours (laughing) you now before I hit graduation. I got everything under control. It's just something I want to do so I can get down there and be all business. Have everything together and ready to go. Get down there with my boys, I mean that right there is a dream on mine you know and to have everyone coming down. Now that everything is over with recruiting."

Speaking of recruiting, Moore says he is very relieved that signing day is over and that he will be playing with numerous teammates from NEO.

"Oh yea, I happy that it is all over and to have signed. Devin already signed you know and is down there and he tells me that everything is great. We all talk and knowing that they are all coming too, that right there means a lot to me. I know going in that it is not going to be completely new to me and having my boys there makes even better. I am glad to get it (Signing Day) over with and just looking forward to getting down there."

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