Anthony Davis - Future In Doubt

Verbally committing to play for Kansas State and just prior to his visit to Manhattan, Anthony Davis changed his plans. Still unsigned - Davis has gone MIA and his High School Coach says..... To Follow this story - Click on the link below

At 6-foot-5 and 325 pounds, it is easy enough to imagine E.C Glass senior (Lynchburg, VA) Anthony Davis playing along the defense line on Saturdays – possibly even on Sundays according to his high school coach.

"Anthony is a big, big guy who can run like a deer. The kid as far as talent goes could easily step in and play on Saturdays, probably Sundays with a little work. I have a former player who plays with the Oakland Raiders and he came in and told me Anthony could walk into their locker room and no one would even blink. He certainly fits the role as far as physical goes and he can flat move for a big guy. Some guys cannot move when you get as big as he is but Anthony can really move and get out there and run you down," Davis' High School Coach told KStateFans.

Davis was named 1st team all-region and all-metro as a senior and he was also a 2nd team all-state selection but has not signed a letter o intent to play college football – something that his High School coach says is somewhat of a shock.

"Anthony committed to Kansas State and Coach Prince but before he was to take his trip, he just called Coach Prince and cancelled. He certainly did not discuss it with me prior to canceling and to be truthful I am really disappointed in Anthony. He has all the talent in the world and for a big man, he has all the talent to be successful. He is a very talented young man but honestly, he has an initiative problem. I cannot say it better then that he has an initiative problem."

Prior to signing day, Davis had intentions to sign with Kansas State and take an official visit to Manhattan. Although academics were an issue, the original plans were to have Anthony enroll at either Fort Scott or Hutchinson JC and then join the Wildcats. These plans are up in the air at the moment and no one has an inclination as to what Anthony will do in the future.

"Anthony, as far as I know, is not doing anything at all. He is not making plans or really doing anything. He needs to decide if he wants to play football or not – really that's the bottom line. I am really disappointed in Anthony and at this point and I have told him that he is on his own. I would be behind him 100% you know if something were to change but I cannot do anything for him now. I can't force him to look to his future or play football – he has to decide that for himself."

"It is a shame to tell you the truth. He was all set to go to K-State and he had already told Coach Prince that he was going to sign with them and come play for him and then right before his visit he cancelled. I asked him why and he really did not give me an answer. This is a shame too, this is a guy that has all the talent in the world. There is no doubt in my mind he can play there (K-State) and probably be a starter for them. He could play on Sunday's - he has that kind of talent but he has an initiative problem. I am not sure what is going to happen to Anthony."

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