New Wildcat - needs ‘one more class'

Most do not realize how close the recruiting race between Kansas State and Oregon State was to sign this recruit. Mastrud, a 6-foot-7, 250-pound athlete from Southridge High School in Beaverton, Ore., came down to the wire before signing and still ........ To follow this story, just click the link Below!

Living in Beaverton Oregon has its privileges; home of Nike with its headquarters in Beaverton has it perks for anyone who works there.

"The new Jordan 21's come out on Saturday and you have to be an employee or immediate family member but we can get our hands on those and buy them first before they go public. If you live here I think sometime on Saturday you can come down and get them. My Dad wanted me to get back to work and concentrate on working out and a job and I just got my job back at Nike," Jeron Mastrud told KStateFans.

In talking to Jeron Mastrud, a 6-foot-7, 250-pound athlete from Southridge High School in Beaverton, Ore., things in the recruiting process really starter to heat up just before signing day with his decision coming down to the wire between Oregon State and Kansas State.

"Well before I took my visit to Kansas State, I really thought I would end up at Oregon State. It is close and my family could see me play and the coaches there were always so nice to me. They really treated me like family there, with Coach Price and all. Then I took my visit to K-State and just really liked everything about it. My Mom called my Dad while I was on my trip and asked him if he was ready to start traveling? Ready to start packing up to come see the games? To tell you the truth I wanted to commit on my visit but I told my dad that I would come home and talk about it. But I wanted to commit right there."

Jeron's father also happens to be his High School Football coach and the head of the power lifting program and although he said the choice was Jeron's to make, there apparently was a small amount of bias.

"Dad, you know he and Mom both said that it was my decision to make. When I got home and started talking to them about the trip he told me I needed to take one more visit to Oregon State just to make sure that I did not have any regrets. He said the decision was mine but when I came back and he said make my decision and he would not be disappointed, well I think he was. I think he wanted me to stay close to home but he understands this is the best decision for me. I think he is over it but I guess he wasn't at the time. He is a High School coach here in Oregon."

Starting with Oregon State and ending with Kansas State, many do not realize how close this recruiting race was and that it came down to the wire.

"I took a visit to Oregon State after my visit to K-State and I was really torn at the end there. Oregon State did not ever stop recruiting me all the way to signing day and it was very hard for me to choose. Coach Price at Oregon State treated me just like family and I knew that my family could be close to me here but K-State just felt right there and I knew that is where I wanted to go. Making that call to tell the Oregon State coaches I was not coming was very hard. I really fought with the decision for awhile and when I signed my letter on intent it really took off the pressure but Oregon State kept recruiting me all the way it was them and Kansas State and Coach Prince."

Although set and ready to join the new Wildcat freshman the second half of summer summer, Jeron says that he has one class left to take after this semester to be ready for fall practices.

"Right now I need one more class. I am thinking of taking the class at a community class and getting the class out of the way this summer or I could take in online and get it out of the way. I am just short one class and then I will be ready to go from there. I am not worried about the class at all; I just need to figure out how and where I want to take it to get it out of the way."

Currently playing basketball, Jeron says after basketball season, he is going to concentrate strictly on lifting and work and taking a much needed rest.

"Once basketball is over I need to take a brake. I am going to just lift and work out and then go to work. I need some time to repair my body and get it ready for the season. Physically I am a little worn down right now and need to just work on the program the strength and conditioning coach at K-State sent. I am going to get with my Dad on that and work at Nike and work out."

Not resting on his laurels just yet, Jeron says he has joined a speed and conditioning program to get him ready for the rigors of fall practices.

"After just working out, I have to work on some other things to be ready to go. I am looking at my speed and have joined a program out here with personal trainers and guys that work on your speed and technique and then work on conditioning and getting you ready. I am going to be doing that also so that I am ready to go this fall."

In terms of playing time, Mastrud says it is ultimately up to playing time and he and his family with discuss the possibility of a red-shirt with Coach Prince when the time is right.

"Coach Prince says that playing time is up to us. If we are ready to go, then he will play us and there is no favoritism – he will play the best person at the position. The object of the game is to play. That is why everyone plays football, to be out there on the field and I am not going to lie and say that is not what I want to do. But I also am going to have to step back and look at this and see how much time I can contribute. If I cannot get out there or only get out there for a short amount of time then I will look at red-shirting. I am also thinking of keeping my red-shirt just in case I get injured really bad. That way I have a little bit of a buffer and would have the full four years to play."
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