Early K-State offer carries Weight

One of the top players in the state of Missouri, this O-linemen will be one of the hottest pursued prospects in the Midlands region this year. With Coach Morris in hot pursuit, other offers are starting to roll in....

One of the top players in the state of Missouri this year, Jayson Palmgren is turning heads with his physical play and garnering scholarship offers.

"In all the years that I have been coaching, you know I am not sure there is a better finisher then Jayson – he is the best finisher that I have been around in high school. When he gets on a guy he is able to finish and he usually finishes with him on top," his Head Coach Chad Valadez told KStateFans.

Known for his physical brand of football and his quick feet and ability to move in open space but many do not realize who young this talented prospect is from the state of Missouri.

"He just is very physical, I mean he really is a physical guy for us. And he is so young, right now he is not even going to turn 17 until like May and he really has no clue what his potential can be because he is only 16 years old."

"But he is very strong, he is very physically gifted he has great feet and has the ability to be able to take care of a level one defender and then move up the field to take care of a level two defender and be productive and that probably is his best strength. He has a great motor and he can flat move and get up the field for a 285 pound guy you know. A lot of guys can get up the field at this level but not many can get up the field and then be able to do something. Jayson can get to a safety and get on him and finish him and I think that probably is what is getting everyone's attention more then anything else. He is kind of nasty, he likes to punish people. He likes to play the game kinda nasty and take it out on people."

Coach Valadez has recently sent in new tapes of Palmgren for the Kansas State coaches to view but it was his play as a junior that originally got the attention of the Cat coaching staff.

"Well Kansas State got involved a little last year. I sent up a tape of Jayson before the coaching change and then when the new coaching staff came in, I got a call from Coach Morris- the defensive coordinator. You know, he is approaching it smart right now and no one is ahead of anyone else. Iowa was the first to offer him, so that was a big deal to him. Obviously the first school to offer you is a big deal."

"But he grew up in Kansas so he is a K-State and a Kansas fan from the very beginning, a little bit more to K-State as to who he watched and rooted for as a kid. Coach Morris offered Jayson and so he has a scholarship from K-State and for a kid from Kansas that grew up watching them, you know that that is exciting for him. Coach Morris is doing a really good guy recruiting him."

Although the Cats have already offered a scholarship, there is no rush on the part of Palmgren to make a decision- expect this one to go down to the wire.

"We have another kid that was here, Tarell Corby that plays for Missouri. I know he calls him probably two times a week telling him he needs to do and to come to Missouri and play with him. Obviously Notre Dame and Miami, they have had a lot of correspondence with him and a opportunity to attend a BCS school like that, Auburn and Clemson so schools that are a littler farther away. I can tell you that he will find the best fit for him. I can promise you he will take all five of his visits. He is going to look at each school and then pick the place he feels the best," said Coach Valadez.

Talent on the field however carries over to the classroom and Coach Valadez who describes himself as an old school style of coach does a great job of keeping his players in line and grounded.

"Academically he will be fine and ready to go, grades won't be a problem. He hovers between a 3.0 and a 3.3 (GPA) depending on what classes he is taking but grades will not be a problem for him."

"We talk to them about the hype and how on Saturday's the better put that all away because I will bench them in a heartbeat. If they let all this stuff go to their heads and start believing everything, I have told them I will pull them in a heartbeat. The recruiting aspect is fine and these are good kids that deserve the attention but they have jobs to do and I have not problem yanking them and sitting them too if they do not take care of play on gameday here."

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