Cats Offer Trio from Dallas Skyline

The state of Texas is loaded with talent this year and Dallas Skyline is on the visit list of almost every Division I program in the country on a yearly basis because of the talent it produces - this year is no different. One of the best programs from one of the best areas in Texas, Dallas Skyline is a pipeline of DI football players and the Kansas State coaching staff has already visited, scouted and offered three blue chip prospects this year from Skyline.

Make no bones about it, Kansas State will continue to recruit the state of Texas and the Dallas Metro-plex area, which is brimming with talent again this year. Looking to Dallas Skyline High School, the Cats have sent staff down to evaluate talent and have extended offers to three Skyline players: Athlete Christian Scott, FB- Sinatra Wallace and mammoth OL- Terrael Williams.

"I actually have not had the chance to meet those guys yet but Kansas State sent Coach Washington down here in the latter part of January to scout our players. I have not had a chance to talk to them yet but another coach took him around. They offered Christian Scott, Terrael Williams and Sinatra Wallace," Skyline Head Coach Roberson told KStateFans.

Everyone knows about the talent that Skyline sports this year with Williams, Wallace and Scott. But there may be a fourth blue chip D1 prospect that is a transfer from another school that no one knows about yet and has not had a chance to scout - running back Martin Gilbert from Lakeview Centennial. A running back that also played safety, Gilbert is a speed demon according to Coach Roberson and is going to turn heads this fall.

We took some time to speak with Coach Roberson about his star players as here is what he had to say about his ultra talented trio.

Christian Scott –
Athlete (6-foot-1, 190 lbs, 4.45)

"Christian has grown a little bit, he is probably about 6-foot-one now with 4.4 to 4.5 speed and he is a good athlete that can play a bunch of different positions. He ahs already been offered by Florida State and they have offered him as a Safety. He played a lot of safety for us last year and this year he started both ways on defense and offense for us and played receiver and running back for us if that tells you how talented he is."

"So I think his asset on defense is he has tremendous ball skills. He is not afraid of contact and will come up and hit you. Good sound tackler out in the open field and he has the ability to make some big time plays. A good set of hands that runs with power when he is playing running back, he is not the type of running back that will run out of bounds. He is going to hit you as the defender, he is going to deliver the blow as opposed to taking it if you know what I mean."

"He is just a good athlete and for us next year, he is going to play quarterback for us. Safety though is his best position in college. With that height and speed, he has tremendously long arms and he has good ball skills and if he is playing free (Safety) he is going to make a lot of plays. He has not taken the SAT yet but he has a 3.0 gpa and I don't think the test is going to be a problem for him," said Roberson about his star player.

Terrael Williams –
Offensive Linemen (6-foot-6, 407 lbs)

Tremendous potential, huge kid that has lost a lot of weight since he came to us his freshman year. He is still listed though at 6-foot-6 and 407, but for a guy that size he moves very well. He has really good feet and it is going to just be a deal where he gets to college, if he can lose more weight, which he will because they will have him on a program and a stricter diet, or better weight program where they can monitor him better then we can- the sky is the limit for him."

"Because of his size and ability to move, the sky is the limit. You just do not see guys that big that can do what he can and move like he can with his feet, it is very rare to see that. He is down to 407, but when you see him it is like dang, you don't think about Fat Albert, he is not built like that. He has a long ways still to go still but he has really strong upper body strength and can carry that weight and his potential is unlimited."

"It just matters what program he goes to and how they work with him. I think he needs to be at about 350, not any less because he is so big but about 350 would be right. He has offers from K-State and a verbal from Oklahoma, we have not seen anything in writing yet but that is supposedly coming. This is a guy that can play and with a little more weight loss hs all the potential to play at the D1 level."

Sinatra Wallace –
Fullback (5-foot-10, 255 lbs, 4.7)

"He starts at middle linebacker for us and we will jump into spread a lot for us and he lines up at running back but when we go Pro (pro-set), he is a fullback for us. He is talented enough that he can play a bunch of different positions and we play him both ways. He is a very good blocker at the point of attack and he has had some blocks for us where he has knocked guys off their feet. He plays with a lot of power and on defense he plays like he is running downhill. Every time he makes a tackle the guy goes backward."

"You are not going to get hit by him and then squeeze out some yards, you are going to go backwards, he hits hard. Right now, he is a better linebacker then he is fullback because we utilize him more but at college but he can play major D1 at fullback, we just have not utilized him much at that position. "

"If a smaller college wants to take a chance on Sinatra as a smaller linebacker, he can play but his height might hold that back. Right now Kansas State is his only offer."

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