Movin' Quickly In-State

Kaleb Drinkgern, a 6-foot-7, 250-pound, offensive tackle, from Maryville, Kan., decided he didn't need to see too much of the recruiting process. Drinkgern committed to Kansas State and according to Marysville coach Brad Hammett, it all went down very quickly.

"I actually couldn't believe how fast things happened," Coach Hammett said.

"I received a call from one of the Kansas State assistants and they told me of their interest in Kaleb Drinkgern and that they (Kansas State) wanted to act quickly on all the in-state kids.

"About five days after that, Kaleb and his parents went on an unofficial visit over to Manhattan and they loved it. Kansas State offered a scholarship while they were there and he came home and committed."

Drinkgern is far from the finished product. Kaleb was 6-1 as an eighth grader and he hasn't stopped growing yet.

"I've been the varsity coach for two years now and I can say that Kaleb has developed nicely." Coach Hammett said.

"Kaleb is 6-7 now and I don't know if he's done growing. He's only 250-pounds and he's got a great frame. Kaleb is also athletic for a big kid. I wouldn't be surprised if he plays center for Kansas State, he's got that kind of versatility.

"I look for Kaleb to play at around 275-pounds at Kansas State. He's just an athletic kid. He can pull, trap and get out into the linebackers and the secondary."

What other schools were involved with Drinkgern?

"Wisconsin and Illinois probably liked him the most." Coach Hammett said.

"Most of the in-state junior colleges called and were interested. I don't think there's any doubt that Kaleb probably would've gotten several offers if he hadn't committed so soon but he's happy and he found the perfect fit in Kansas State."

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