Blue Chip Linemen lists his Top 5

The State of Colorado is home to one of the Best OL/DL Blue Chippers in the country this year in Littleton, (Columbine High School) O-Tackle/D-Tackle. A four star recruit, many of the top programs in the country are lined up at his door and most, if not all, have already offered the star linemen....... That may not matter however

The State of Colorado is home to one of the Best OL/DL Blue Chippers in the country this year in Littleton, (Columbine High School) O-Tackle/D-Tackle prospect Ryan Miller. A four star recruit, Miller has many of the top programs in the country lined up at his door and most, if not all, have already offered the star linemen.

"My top 5 schools would be Colorado, Nebraska, Notre Dame Miami, USC and then Kansas State. Those are my top 5 schools and then I have a couple other schools that I am looking at like Kansas State but those are the top schools right now," relayed the 6-foot-8 280-pounder.

Although many of the premier programs in the nation have lined up to pitch the blue chipper, Miller says it is not about prestige with him, but rather it is all about a feeling of comfort.

"The way I see my college choices, my picks like my top ones are just like I can't really pick and choose right now. They are just the ones I like already because I have not been anywhere. But when I choose a college, I am going to choose like what fits me most. Whether it be like a Mesa State or a USC – it's where I feel the most comfortable. I am looking for a place where I can play high quality football and where I feel the best." Saying he has not had a chance to visit any schools, Miller also adds that his top five schools at this point are open to change once he starts taking visits. With a Kansas State offer in hand, Miller says he is looking forward to getting to know K-State better. "Well I have an offer from them but like alot of the other schools that are recruiting me right now I just do not know much about them. Right now the schools I like are because of things that the coaches have said to me or written me, but I am looking forward to taking some visits and getting to know the schools better. My list could easily change once I see some other schools. I want to get to know the coaches at Kansas State better and I am going to take my time," the highly rated linemen told KStateFans.

In terms of the coaching change at Kansas State, Miller says the correspondence with K-State coaches has been a compelling factor in his recruitment.

"First you got to give them a lot of props for offering me. I feel privileged to have an offer from them. I enjoy the notes that I get from the Coaches there and he is an outstanding Christian from what I can tell and that is a big part. That plays a lot and is a big part of my life. Coaching changes can be positive and every school now and then needs a change, a clean sweep sometimes and I enjoy the notes they send to me. The new coaches write me pretty often and I the letters and notes are always very positive. He is a Christian and that means a lot to me already."

Although the Cats have already offered, in-state schools are also heavily recruiting Ryan and although he distance is not a large factor, he does admit he would like to stay close to home if it feels right.

"Distance is somewhat of a factor, I would like to stay close to home. But that is not going to play that big of a factor. I am going to go to the place where I feel the best, where I fit in with everyone and where I feel comfortable with everything," said the star linemen.

A hard working player who will go both ways for Columbine High this year, Miller is also humble and a team player. Asked if he has a preference for position, Ryan was quick to point out that he will do whatever his coach asks of him.

"No, I will play wherever coach wants to put me. Some schools are recruiting me to play defensive line and others to play offensive line. I do not have a preference; I will play where they put me and tell me to play."

Although still early, Ryan says he has a couple of visits already scheduled but is going to hold off on scheduling the final two visits until later.

"I am going to take all five of my visits. I am not going to commit anywhere until I have taken all of my visits and I can compare and meet the players and coaches. On April 9th I am flying out to USC, April 29th, the end of April, I am heading out to Notre Dame, end of July I am heading down to Miami and then I am going to go to a couple combines."

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