High Rating following trip to K-State

After he picked up a scholarship offer from Coach Prince last week, kicker Josh Cherry and his parents headed to Manhattan this past weekend for an unofficial visit to meet with the KSU coaches. Touring the campus and facilities, Josh made the trek to Manhattan to discuss a possible future at Kansas State.

McCook, Neb., kicker Josh Cherry picked up his first scholarship offer last week from Kansas State and after talking with the Wildcat coaches, Josh and his parents decided a trip to Manhattan was in order.

Driving down for the day to tour the facilities and meet the K-State coaches face to face, Josh Cherry says he had a great trip to Manhattan and that the Cats are now dramatically higher on his list.

"The trip was great. I have been talking with Coach Tibesar on the phone the whole time and I finally got to meet him and he is just a real great guy that easy to get along with. I met Coach Prince finally too and he is real nice. He treated me like a person not a football player the whole time I was down there. Just did not worry about football that much and talked to me as a person and everything and I really liked that. They took me around campus and showed me some buildings, we went to Aggieville and we took them out for lunch. We had a real good time and just talked about everything about school and academics but we really did not talk about football on the visit until the end," the talented kicker told KStateFans.

After taking a little time to speak with his parents on the ride home and to reflect on the trip, Josh says the unofficial visit made a big impression on him.

"My mom and dad went with me and just driving home and talking to them about everything. They took us in the football stadium and showed us all the construction they are doing and building there. That was pretty neat. I got to see some academic buildings and that is important to me. I needed to see the campus and meet with the coaches and get a feeling for everything down there. We just talked about everything, the new construction and the buildings and academics, you know the coaches too and getting to meet with them."

Having never seen the campus or met with the coaches other then the phone conversations he had with Coach Tibesar, Josh said the trip to Manhattan opened his eyes to what K-State was about and what he could expect if he were to commit.

"Yea, right now I would say that Kansas State has really moved up my list. Just taking the visit and getting to see what they are all about. I grew up a Nebraska fan, I have tons of Nebraska Husker football pictures all over my room but the trip there really moved K-State up my list. Nebraska and Kansas State and the only two schools that I am really looking at and I think Nebraska is pretty much set at kicker with who they have. Just going down there and seeing the coaches finally, they are all really easy to get along with and they want the best for me. It is really pointing me in that direction."

With Spring Break in full swing, Cherry said the trip rated high and the only drawback was the lack of students.

"I would, just because of the fact I did not get to see everything that I wanted to, there were not that many students around so I did not get to see the full experience, the full effect, I would give the trip a 8 or a 9. Just because it would have been fun being with them (Students) and getting to see what goes on but I got to see more then I thought I would have."

With an official offer in hand, Josh said Coach Prince finally did broach a possible future for him at Kansas State and which way the Nebraska kicker was leaning.

"Coach Prince was very direct with me and my parents. He just looked at me and asked me: 'Do I need to keep recruiting kickers or am I done?' You know I just kind of told him I would just like some time to talk with my parents and talk everything over. I really liked the place and I am pointing in that direction. I am out with track right now so I want to focus on that for a little while and see what happens but I really liked the place and that is where I am pointing."

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