First 5 phone calls Bob Huggins will Make

The wire taps have been secured and Bob Huggins should be careful because we're all over him. This time out, "Five For Friday" assumes the role of Huggins, re-invented Division I coach. Here are the first five Phone Calls Bob Huggins will make as the New Head Basketball Coach at Kansas State

We've asked ourself, if we were Bob Huggins and landed a new job, who would we call first?

Bob Huggins' First 5 Phone Calls

J.O. Stright
The longtime friend and confidant of the coach. Stright was on the phone with Huggins during the coach's heart attack. He's also the head coach of the talented Pittsburgh Jots which boasts Herb Pope, DaJuan Blair and a host of others.
Andy Kennedy
The former associate head coach of the Bearcats and now interim skipper. A noted recruiter who has now made his bones as a strong bench coach. If he doesn't get his own head job, Kennedy would be deserving of a nice title and the salary bump too!
Dwaine Barnes
He's tasked with the day-to-day operations of running the D-I Greyhounds. Barnes team boasts none other than O.J. Mayo, Bill Walker and Keenan Ellis. After the call, a delicious steak dinner and a movie probably wouldn't be a bad idea either.
Ramar Smith
The one-time UConn commitment would be a completely logical recruit for Huggins. He can play a few positions, brings a scorer's touch and back in the day expressed interest in Cincinnati and Huggins in particular. Could happen!
Jason Bennett
The coach is going to want to make an impression and dialing up Bennett before anyone would do the trick. Huggins has been to his games this year and Bennett purposely passed on the early period in a nod to Huggins. Word is he's waiting.

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