Bob Huggins is IN at K-State!!

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Bringing you the latest information that you cannot find anywhere else....all you wanted to know about soon to be announced- NEW Kansas State Head Basketball Coach - BOB HUGGINS.

With the release of Jim Wooldridge as the Head Basketball Coach at K-State, the Cats went looking for a new coach and came up BIG!!!!!

KStateFans has learned that Bob Huggins, the former head coach at Cincinnati will be announced as soon as possibly this afternoon as the new Head Coach at Kansas State.

The very same Bob Huggins, who turned Cincinnati into a national basketball powerhouse during his 16 years at the helm of the Bearcat Program, has accepted an offer to become the next Head Basketball Coach at Kansas State.

Bob Huggins is to be announced officially as the next head Coach at K-State in a press conference that is to take place later this afternoon said our source who requested they remain anonymous because Huggins has not yet signed his contract.

Huggins, who went 399-127 in 16 seasons at Cincinnati, lead the Bearcats to 14 consecutive NCAA tournament bids and reached the Final Four in 1992. The new K-State Head Coach was named C-USA's Coach of the Decade en route to winning 10 regular-season Conference USA titles.

A huge hat's off to the K-State brass in their recruitment of Huggins to Kansas State. Courted by fellow Big 12 school Missouri, as well as other suitors, Huggins chose KSU primarily because the K-State administration made him feel as if he was a recruit that they could not let get away.

"The difference between what Kansas State did and what Missouri did was that they came after him and they recruited him and he told us that he felt like the administration at Kansas State really wanted him. The difference was that they (K-State) made him feel like he was a recruit himself and they let him know that they really wanted him there. Missouri wanted him too but K-State went after him and let him know that they really wanted him there, that they wanted him as the coach," our source told KStateFans.

Scout and Fox's very own, Basketball expert analyst Jeff Goodman broke the news late last night that Huggins would indeed be announced as the new Head Coach at K-State and our source confirms Jeff's report and said the deal was struck late last night after Coach Huggins spoke with his attorney and wife.

"They met for the second time and at that time K-State was not the only option that he was looking at. But again, the administration did such a good job of recruiting him that they became his top choice. After meeting with his attorney and talking with his wife, he made the decision that he was going to take the job. They finally put something together last night around midnight or so and they are setting up a press conference for later this afternoon to announce it. He has not signed the deal yet that is the only thing left to do on this but it is done. He is going to Kansas State. They are going to send their jet to pick him up and then fly him in this afternoon to sign the contract. Everything will go really quickly from there. They are already trying to set up the press conference for this afternoon."

Huggins, who is known not only for his great coaching ability but also his recruiting prowess, is said to have a handful of the nation's top recruits already on his short list. Names like Jason Bennett, Herb Pope, OJ Mayo and fellow North College Hill Bill Walker.

For Kansas State, Coach Huggins is a tremendous hire and adds instant credibility to a Wildcat program that has struggled.

We spoke with National Recruiting Expert and Basketball Analyst Dave Telep about what the hiring of Coach Huggins means to the K-State Basketball Program.

"What Coach Huggins does is immediately add street credit to Kansas State. He is a guy that is going to immediately be able to affect recruiting. I think they are going to be able to recruit a different level of High School Player. He has tremendous respect and relationships that will help Kansas State," said Telep.

Stay tuned as we will be following this story in-depth as it unfolds…….

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