Chat Wrap - In Case You Missed It

Just in Case you Missed the Chat, We Had it Transcribed for your review :) This was the first Basketball Chat ever to discuss recruiting and we are going to start putting these on more for the Wildcat Nation.

seank:: Hey Nation
WILDCATNATION:: How's it going? Thought I better get in here. You know, we KSU fans aren't used to this type of treatment!! seank:: Well hopefully we can change that :) Huggins is a HUGE hire for us, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the program and with recruits. Hopefully he can help bring back the tradition.
WILDCATNATION:: Even my dad is excited about KSU hoops...and he doesn't get excited about ANYTHING!
WILDCATNATION:: Did you see my question about the McD's AA's and whether any are unsigned? I know it's unlikely that we could be in on any of them, but I was curious.
Dave Telep joined
WILDCATNATION:: Good evening Dave.
seank:: I did not see it but I would not say we are out. Huggins is not an all AA type of guy where he will recruit just the royal blue but he has the makings of five SOLID recruits and others that will have this class nationally ranked in this next class. cireksu joined
Dave Telep:: Good evening.
WILDCATNATION:: Maybe Dave can help us out. I just need a reason to watch that game... seank:: Thanks for coming Dave, we got a couple of late comers that will join in
Dave Telep:: No problem. My pleasure. seank:: Nation- I am not sure anyone is a lock but I think there are kids that Huggins will naturally get looks from
seank:: let me post that the chat is going on
seank:: Guys, Telep is in the house and the floor is yours- ask away
WILDCATNATION:: Dave, so many questions for you...not even sure where to start...but I'll go with this one. We've all seen the stories on Pope, Walker, and Mayo...very exciting, as well as the upcoming visit from Bennett. Can you give us an overview of what Coach Huggins' normal "philosophy" is in recruiting? These guys seem VERY highly rated in comparison with his "normal" classes.
Dave Telep:: He's gotten some studs now, don't sell him short. Guys like James White and Kenny Satterfield, dare we say Danny Fortson were highly rated. Certainly the Mayos and Walker's of the world are even on another level. Overall, they'll get involved with guys who are tough (first) and talented (second). It takes a certain kid who is confident in himself to play for Huggins.
Dave Telep:: He likes going into Texas too. See Kenyon Martin and Jason Maxiell. Now, it's tougher to get hte home run hitters out of Tejas these days with the Horns rolling like they are but he's been in the state before with great success.
WILDCATNATION:: Yeah, I wasn't sure how to phrase that, because he has a track record of getting excellent talent, but I honestly wasn't sure how highly rated some of them were coming out of HS
WILDCATNATION:: It appears that Mayo and Walker allow extremely limited access. I've heard that many of the recruiting guys think they'll never see a college court...your thoughts?
WILDCATNATION:: And how does Mick Cronin figure in on them?
Dave Telep:: Right now he's riding a wave of positive recruiting momentum . If Mayo never comes to Manhattan the street cred is there with K-State being mentioned. It's an incredible amount of buzz right now. I think Huggins has a plane and he's out recruiting until Wednesday so you know he's getting after it and I'm sure he'll spend some time in FLA and Ohio
WILDCATNATION:: Can you elaborate on the assessment of Bennet a little bit? Have you seen him play much?
WILDCATNATION:: And I agree on the Mayo thing..just having him mentioned with KSU is huge in my opinion.
Dave Telep:: I still am not convinced that Mayo sees a college court. He's the test case for the new collective bargaining rule. By that i mean he's marketable. He's not just a highly rated guy but he's a kid who might be able to move some product for a shoe company down the road. That means he's looked at as a basketball player and an investment. I think someone out there will be willing to pay him handsomely in a deal, either put him on the GlobeTrotters or work him out for the year and develop his game and image. If that happens, he might skip college. He's a test case in many respects 1) with the new CBA and 2) can KSU actually pull a guy of his caliber
WILDCATNATION:: Thanks, following him is going to be fun.
cireksu: Hi, Dave, Seank thanks for getting this set up. Question: Will Bennett sign on april 12 or is it possible he holds out longer? Do you have a gut feeling?
Dave Telep: Bennett is a defensive presence first and formost. he can reject shot or change shots. He gets in your head. He's never been a huge offensive producer despite having some post game. What he does in terms of initial value comes on the defensive end where he gives a presence. Will ahve to work on rebounding out of his area and scoring it consistently but he's a complete no-brainer.
Dave Telep: Bennett will commit as soon as he feels comfortable. IMO, that's sooner rather than later.
WILDCATNATION: I will assume he can run the floor pretty well?
seank: Dave- from a fans perspective, what can Cat Fans expect from Huggins in Recruiting?
WILDCATNATION: Do we have a solid date on when he's coming? I'm guessing the 8th.
Dave Telep: He'll run it but not in the Josh McRoberts, Joakim Noah sense of the word to finish like that. He's a center of the half court variety.
Dave Telep: With Huggins you can expect to be involved with some name guys and get good players. He'll mix in some jucos (Blake Young recently visited St. John's and I'm told KSU is in the mix) and he'll revisit the high school kids. Guys like playing for him and I bet that the profile of k-state hoops just got a little higher. He's someone that the college basketball world pays attention too and that's good for your school in terms of recruiting and publicity.
seank: Dave can you rattle off a list of those players you think Huggins is making a run at?
Dave Telep: Do not have a solid date on Bennett. Final Four is a dead period so it's likely afterwards.
WILDCATNATION: Yes, others reporting he's leaving town tomorrow to recruit, then to Indy for FF meetings with the NABC.
Dave Telep: Kansas State's main focus right now is in the Class of 2007. That's where Huggins expects to make hay. 2006 high schools and jucos are picked over. Pope, Mayo, Walker and maybe even a wing like DJ Kennedy (another pittsburgh kid) will receive a ton of attention. Don't be surprised if some higher profile guys start mentioning Kansas State. SHOULD he get one of the big dawgs to pop, that could signify a whirlwind and really open up some doors for a strong 2007 class.
seank: Dave- In terms OJ Mayo and Walker - do you expect them to go as a package deal?
WILDCATNATION: That class is HUGE...with 6 to give at a minimum, let's just say I'm excited to follow recruiting this summer!
Dave Telep: Ramar Smith was committed to UConn. Went out to South Kent Prep, got homesick, missed some early classes and went back to Detroit. At that point, he and UConn parted ways. He's got some work to do in the classroom but could make it. He's a shooting guard who can get to the rim.
WILDCATNATION: Does Smith have the skills to be a primary ball handler?
Dave Telep: Mayo and Walker have been a package deal for a long time. That's their circumstances, always have been.
Dave Telep: I don't think Smith is a guy you hand the basketball to and ask him to run your team in the Big 12. That would be an adjustment for him.
WILDCATNATION: Thanks. As for Mayo and Walker, it sounds like Cronin can make a run at them to go to UC...any thoughts?
seank: Dave - What about Sonny Vaccaro? Do you think he will affect the recruitment of Walker or Mayo in terms of Huggins now being at K-State.
Dave Telep: Sure, Cronin will make a run at those guys. HAS To. He's obligated to and he's got a product to sell to them. One thing that could pose a problem is how the media eventually handles Mayo and Walker. If they are media darlings in teh end, that might induce them to look closer to home. If they take heat in the local media it would help other schools. It's such a high profile situation.
WILDCATNATION: Also, there's a KS kid whose name escapes me right now...been rumored to be looking at some very high majors. Wish I could give you a name....I'm wondering if KSU will be in the mix now, even if he's a KU fan.
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cireksu: Do you know anything about Kenny Williams whom the old staff recruited, is he a big 12 player???
WILDCATNATION: Great question cire!
seank: Welcome OKKSU - Floor is open and Dave is in the hosue- Fire awayDave Telep: Have never seen Kenny Williams personally. Sorry, not much of a help there.
WILDCATNATION: Dave, since KSU fans haven't had a lot of experience with this game in recent years, when does the AAU season really start heating up?
cireksu: That's pretty much what I figured. (dissapointment directed at outgoing staff and not you Dave).
Dave Telep: AAU season kicks into high gear April 7-9 at the Boo WIlliams Invitational (we'll cover it) and it'll be hot and heavy every weekend through June.
WILDCATNATION: Do visits typically come after that, or during?
Dave Telep: Junior or senior?
Dave Telep: Senior visits will begin the weekend after the Final Four
WILDCATNATION: The kid in KS is '07 I believe...Tyrell Reed?
WILDCATNATION: Junior visits.
Dave Telep: Reed's father is a KU guy. He's friends wiht Roy Williams. UNC gets him if they offer. Georgia Tech, Virginia in there too. Kansas may or may not move on him.
WILDCATNATION: Ok, thank you. Can you tell us a little bit about the history of rumored assistant Frank Martin?
seank: Dave in terms of Herb Pope- at almost 6-9 what do you think his best position in college will be? PF?
WILDCATNATION: The Pope connection sounds like a very good one. Hopefully get one of these high rated guys and start a snowball effect of blue chippers!
Dave Telep: Frank Martin is probably going to be a Kansas State ... he was an extremely high school coach. Well connected and well received by the AAU and high school guys. He's connected, a hard worker and the perfect guy to run with on this staff. Good man.
Dave Telep: Pope is a skilled power forward. he's charasmatic (not quite like Big Baby but who is) and he's a player. Can handle it, pass it and make buckets. The guy is a talent and one of my favorite kids in the class. However hard they have to fight to land him he's worth it.
cireksu: Ok, I'll ask the million dollar Question. Is Huggy targeting the high profiles to up KSU's stature in the recruiting races? In your opinion Do we have a shot against the top tier programs for some of these guys? In other words can we get these guys to manhattan?
seank: I am interested in DaJuan Blair ? He plays on the same team as Herb Pope. Dave - have you heard if Blair is a possible target for Huggins?
Dave Telep: It's going to be a battle. K-State has never recruited the likes of these kids. Expect them to land some but not all. That's not realistic or fair to think. I do expect them to sign a plethora of Top 100 guys during Huggins tenure and success will lead to future recruiting wins but patience is needed as the basketball profile of the school evolves. (catfan225 joined)
Dave Telep: Blair could be a target. Big bodied kid. Plays in the paiint, comfort zone is smaller than pope's.
WILDCATNATION: Adding to cire's question, is it reasonable to assume that Bob might not have taken the job if he got the feeling that he might not have been able to get these guys to Manhattan? I'll assume from his statements that he's confident he can, but I have to wonder if he placed some feelers before signing on.
Dave Telep: You bet he placed a lot of feelers -- that's why you hear the names this early on. Again, they can't get all the guys they are targeting but they'll pull their share and the profile of the school has been raised in less than a week. The Big 12 is now loaded with fine head coaches.
WILDCATNATION: You have to realize that many of us are still trying to grasp the fact that KSU is, in fact, a player in the game of recruiting the cream of the crop. cireksu: Will Huggins fill the 1 scholarship left in this class for sure or could he hold off and use it next year if the right player does not come along.
Dave Telep: It's going to take time so patience is the way to go. Dave Telep: Sure will hold it. Look for this juco guard Blake Young to possibly make a visit.
WILDCATNATION: I get the feeling Bennett is a target from some of his comments about needing size.
Dave Telep: Gentlemen, Cincinnati just received its first commitment and i've got a commitment story to write. Can we do this again soon? at your request?
Dave Telep: Bennett is a HUGE target. he's the first guy they called.
WILDCATNATION: That would be GREAT...thank you for your time Dave!
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WILDCATNATION: Sean, just want to thank you for setting this up. We need to get the word out!
cireksu: Thanks Sean!
seank: We are going to start trying to do these regularly. Before you just could nottalk about a kid from France, International player ect...
WILDCATNATION: Yep...I'm working on getting some folks involved...we have a lot of fans with a lot of knowledge that could really be assetts in chats like this.
cireksu: Cool, thanks again guys.
seank: The whole game has changed at KSU in terms of recruiting. With guys like Walker, Mayo Pope, Bennett ect.... Huggins is not know for going strictly after 5 star guys but rather building around some
WILDCATNATION: Kind of a bummer that Reed doesn't sound like a possibility, but I think we knew that already.
WILDCATNATION: Sean, I meant to ask him about Darrell Arthur...
WILDCATNATION: Any rumblings on that front? (cireksu left)
seank: I am looking forward to seeing where C Huggins goes to recruit. He has strong ties and certaina reas but this willopen new areas to recruit as well.
seank: I can ask him WCN ;)
WILDCATNATION: Sounds great...thanks again. I gotta go.

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