Premier JUCO PG Commits to K-State

Daytona Beach (Fla.) Community College guard Blake Young took four official visits, including a trip to University of Washington this past weekend but in the end, Kansas State and Coach Bob Huggins proved too much. Committing to Kansas State, Blake Young is one of the Top JUCO Point Guards in the nation and the star player becomes the second player highly touted player to commit to K-State under Coach Huggins.

Last week, Wildcat fans were on the edge of their seat as Jason Bennett, one of the elite centers in the country decided to commit to Kansas State. This week, another high touted player has committed to Coach Huggins and the K-State program.

"If it is not done, it will be in just minutes. We just faxed over the paperwork and Blake's letter of intent this morning and K-State should have it. He is officially signed with Coach Huggins and K-State," Daytona Beach HC Brad Underwood told KStateFans.

When Bob Huggins took over the K-State program, finding players that fit his style of play was an immediate short term goal. Something that lead him to recruit some of the best players in the country to Manhattan and something that Coach Huggins made his highest priority.

"Coach Huggins flew down here to the school the day after he had his press conference and was announced. Right after his news conference, the day after he was here talking to Blake and setting up a visit for him to go there. He made Blake a priority and got him to visit right away," said Coach Underwood.

Coach Underwood, who is a former Kansas State basketball player himself, said the hire of Coach Huggins was instrumental in bringing Young to K-State.

"Blake took a lot of calls from coaches from high profile jobs and programs who had just taken over as coaches but Coach Huggins is the only coach who he even considered. K-State was the only school that he was looking at with a high profile coach and honestly I think it was Coach Huggins. I think the celebrity of Coach Huggins and his reputation as a coach is the reason that Blake choose KSU. Without Coach Huggins, Blake would not be at K-State."

Young, who took a visit to Washington just last week for an official visit, had been heavily courted by Creighton and Washington all year but the lure of playing under Coach Huggins and opportunity to earn immediate playing time was too much to pass up.

"Blake is a pure scorer and that is something that I think Coach Huggins did very well in selling to him. They did not get the play out of their guards last year that I think they would have liked and they recruited Blake to score and that is something that he can do very well. Blake is very athletic and is always on the attack. He shoots well and he just attacks the rim. He attacks it really with reckless abandon and with no fear. He just has no fear and attacks the rim and he will put up points there."

Young, who earned first-team Mid-Florida Conference honors following this past season, was also named the conference's player of the year. Young, who averaged 23.8 points per game overall, averaged 25.6 points per game in league play, pulled in 5 rebounds and averaged 2.1 steals per game – something very attractive to Coach Huggins.

"Blake can play both spots but he is a pure point guard. He runs the floor well and will set up the other players and get them involved. I think if I am not mistaken, Blake was the third leading scorer in the country this year. He is going to be able to go in and give minutes, play minutes there. He is very good with the basketball and has the strength to run the offense and create and he played a little of both for us this past year. His role there though is going to be simple and that is to score. He can play both guards but his role is to be a scorer. He was brought in to score."

Coach Huggins, who has immediately turned the K-State Basketball world on it's ear with the addition of Jason Bennett last week, did another great job in pursuing and signing another highly rated to K-State.

"Blake was very impressed with what Coach Huggins had to say to him and he (Huggins) did just a great job in recruiting him. He came down here just after he was announced as the new head coach and I have had another player commit to Huggins when I was coaching at Dodge (City) but he wanted Blake, he let Blake know he wanted him and he came down here as soon as he could to talk to Blake. He was very positive and although there were lots of programs who wanted Blake, Huggins wasted no time and he got the best point guard in the country."

At 6-foot-2 and 180 pounds, Coach Underwood thinks the Cats added one of the best point guards in the country and yet another high profile pick-up for Coach Huggins.

"Blake is very fast and as far as vertical ability, he can jump out of the gym. He is very athletic and can play on and off the ball. His trip there went very well and I as I mentioned, Coach Huggins is the main reason. He (Huggins) did such a good job of recruiting Blake all the way from Dr. Wefald welcoming him there and going out with him for dinner to selling Blake on his ability to come in and earn minutes right away. I think he felt very comfortable with Huggins and I am just really happy for him right now. Really, he is one of the best guards in the country and now I have another reason to watch and listen to K-State this year."

As far as commitments go, all that need be done is allow the ink to dry on Blake Young's Letter of Intent as the star PG signed his LOI and faxed it in just an hour or so ago.

"We faxed over his paperwork not even maybe an hour ago or so. He is going to Kansas State and Coach Huggins – it's all done."

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