K-State Targets Talk Recruiting and Skills

When Coach Huggins was named as the next coach at Kansas State, many thought recruiting would change. But no one could have imagined it would change this much. I had a chance to sit down and talk with the likes of Herb Pope, OJ Mayo, Bill Walker and Michael Beasley this weekend to talk about where they want to play their College Ball.

Herb PopePittsburgh Jots - Herb Pope looked extremely well on Friday night. He runs the floor very well and is always in control. He's a strong dribbler with his right hand, but the left needs a little work. He has great body control, long arms and is transitioning himself into a wing player. He likes to hang out on the perimeter sometimes a little too much, which takes away from his great rebounding skills.

Recruiting wise Pope has all the big time schools throwing looks his way. Mike Hughes, of InsideTheVille.com, spoke to J.O. Stright and Pope about his recruitment. UConn, Louisville and Kansas State seem to be the schools that are at the top. He also spoke about Kansas State.

"That's J.O.'s right hand man, so of course that automatically puts him in the running," Pope told Mike Hughes. "That's all it is. Some schools think that they see all the ink about Coach Huggins and think that's a lock, but it really isn't."

O.J. Mayo – D1 Greyhounds – Kansas State had coaches in the house for a number of his games this weekend, including his match up with Tyreke Evans on Saturday night. Mayo took it to Evans and Team Final. Mayo went for 32 points scoring in a variety ways, including runners in the lane and hanging finishes. No one can guard him one on one and there's no question that he's the best player in America. The form on his jump shots is great and he possesses a great release as well.

In the championship game of the King James Shooting Stars Classic, O.J. Mayo was simply brilliant. His mid-range is on a level of its own and he had his jumper clicking to the tune of 25 points and also tossed out 8 assists in the televised game. Mayo received MVP for his efforts that could be seen on Fox Sports.

Bill Walker – D1 Greyhounds – On Saturday Walker didn't do have a great game against Team Final, but Sunday morning Walker looked tough going for 23 points in a close with over The Family. Walker was all over the glass this morning and tipped in a bunch of missed shots. The best move he made today was dribble drive mid-range jumper. Walker's wing skills continue to improve. Walker went to the boards in the championship win over Triple Threat on Sunday. Although he did leave the game early with cramps.

Michael Beasley – D.C. Assault – Watching D.C. Assault warm up Duke commit, Nolan Smith, joined me on press row for a little chat. As Beasley walked by heading to the lay up lines, Smith and I talked Beasley into trying a 360 in between the legs dunk. The dunk attempt was quite impressive regardless of the ball slipping off the rim. He jumps so effortlessly. Beasley's athleticism sets him apart from most in the class of 2007. The reports out of Kingwood where Beasley was tearing people up, he didn't have that great of a weekend in Ohio but it wasn't bad either. He's still a top five guy and has a lot of potential.

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