Elite Package for the Cats?

Bill Walker, OJ Mayo....OJ Mayo, Bill Walker. These days you cannot mention one without the other and the scuttlebutt is that these two Elite Players want to go to college as a package deal. Want to Know what they had to say? I spoke with them both to find out the latest in their recruitment.....

Everyone has heard the rumors that Bill Walker and O.J. Mayo are locks for Kansas State. But according to Walker, while he likes Kansas State, they are still in the process of gathering schools that they would like to attend.

"Right now we are taking it kind of slow," Walker said Sunday night in Ohio. "We haven't put out a list of anything yet, we are going to take our time. We are going to wait until after the summer is over and then we'll focus on that and then we'll start eliminating schools.

Bob Huggins built a relationship with Walker when he was a coach at the University of Cincinnati and that connection is one reason that Walker and his running-mate, Mayo, are considering Kansas State.

"I've always wanted to play for Coach Huggins, ever since I moved to Cincinnati," Walker said. I like his coaching staff and the way he gets the most out of his players. They are in the running too.

Walker failed to give a list of schools, but did say that he is receiving a ton of mail from colleges all over the country. While he gets the mail, he doesn't read it.

"I really don't pay any attention to it. I get a lot of mail, but I just put it in a shoe box."

"All of them are pretty much the same they are all pretty much propaganda," he said about the recruiting mail-outs he receives. "We just put them in boxes and we talk about some of the schools we might like playing at and the styles of play they have."

Many in the recruiting business have questioned whether the D1 duo will ultimately end up attending college. Walker said that for him, that is his only option.

"I promised my mom that I would go to college and get a degree and be something in life. That's pretty much the only option."

Walker played relatively well in Akron at the King James Shooting Stars Classic this weekend. While he hasn't been as intense as he has been in the past, Walker still showed off his athleticism when he needed to and has really improved his driving skills.

In their elite eight game against The Family, Walker put together a 23 point performance. He had the mid range game flowing in that one and showed off a nice pull up move as well.

"I think I played well," he said of his play at King James. "I played off the dribble and I showed a jumper. I played good defense and I led my team to victory."

"I thought I could have shot it a little bit better but I can't complain because we just got a 20 point win in the championship," he continued.

While ranked as the second best prospect in the country, Walker still finds parts of his game to work on and tweak.

"Me and O.J. break stuff down and talk about it, and we try mix it up. With my athleticism I can get away with a lot of stuff. I'm just trying to expand my game."

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