OJ Mayo Goes ON Record

O.J. Mayo's appearance at Kingwood raised questions among many in the recruiting world. Some even questioned whether he was still the best player in the class of 2007. So it was no surprise that Mayo was extra competitive in Akron, OH., for the King James Shooting Stars Classic.

In his tournament game against Tyreke Evans and Team Final, Mayo did a little of everything for the D-1 Greyhounds. He used his ball handling ability to free himself for jump shots and he hit a few sweet banking floaters as well.

However, the championship game was where Mayo showcased his arsenal of moves. Mayo went for 25 points and 8 assists in the nationally televised win. Mayo's got into the paint at will and he can pull up on a dime and knock in a mid range jumper.

"I played alright," Mayo said after the game. "I competed. I just come out and do what I do and compete."

Mayo's impressive outing came on the heels of one of Mayo's more stressful weeks. Some media outlets reported that Mayo was suspended for 180 days, and according to Mayo that was a 176 days off.

"I don't even know where that came from. I got into a verbal confrontation and I was treated like any one else and was suspended for four days. Four days turned into 180 days, I don't know where that came from."

But that wasn't the only rumor swirling around; Mayo visited his friends, Nolan Smith and Michael Beasley, at Oak Hill a few weeks ago and many said that he was attempting to transfer there.

"I never even applied for Oak Hill," Mayo said. "I went up there to talk to Mike and Nolan about college to see who they were looking at. We worked out, they were having open gym and me being me I wanted to play."
On the recruiting front Mayo said he doesn't have a list yet but towards the end of the summer he will have on together.

"I don't know right now," he said when asked who was recruiting him the hardest. "I don't know really. We haven't come out with a list yet. Me, Bill and Mike are supposed to get together and talk about."

Ever since Bob Huggins landed at Kansas State, the Wildcats have been the presumed favorite by many and Mayo addressed that Sunday evening.

"They're rumors. I don't listen to rumors," Mayo continued. "If I listened to rumors I'd be suspended for 180 days and I'd be such a horrible kid and this that and the other. I don't really listen to it. I just accept it and be me."

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