Colon Enjoyed Trip to Manhattan

Bob Huggins has already wrapped up one center from the Nike-powered Miami Tropics, and he welcomed another to campus this past weekend. Luis Colon, a 6-10 power forward from Miami Krop HS, took a visit to Kansas State and according to his AAU coach, Colon had a good time.

"It went great," Tropics Head Coach, Art Alvarez said. "The president of the University took him out to lunch, in which he was really impressed and he spent a lot of time with Coach Huggins."

However, the Wildcats aren't the only program after the 260-pound center. UMass, Duquesne and late arriving Miami are all positioned nicely with one the best remaining big men.

Miami has just gotten involved recently and they are a big threat considering Colon is from that area and he has always liked the Hurricanes. Colon just received a scholarship offer from Coach Frank Haith.

"Of course Miami, who has thrown themselves in at the end, and are very appealing to him as well because Miami is where two of my other kids played, Guillermo Diaz and Denis Clemente and that's where his hometown is. That's going to play some what of a roll as well because if he doesn't want to leave and not be too far from his family then the logistics might be an issue here that he might take a look at."

With scholarship offers from Kansas State, UMass, Duquesne and now Miami a decision could come very soon from Colon. And it will likely come down to one of those four schools.

"He hasn't taken a visit to Miami, Miami kind of came in late and offered him a scholarship and were not going to take a visit to Miami either. So it's going to be between those four schools Duquesne, Kansas State, UMass and the University of Miami."

Because of his close ties and connections Alvarez is intrigued at which school Colon will pick, but he said this is one he is staying out of and wants Colon to pick the best school for him.

"It's going to be interesting to see if he wants to stay in Miami or go outside of Miami and go play at a school like Kansas State that has a great coach like Bob Huggins or UMass or Duquesne or any other schools."

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