85 to 90 percent I stay with Kansas State

After committing to Kansas State and Coach Prince, this star prospects says there is strong possibility that he will sign with Kansas State on signing day. Although committed still, this star prospect shares his thoughts on where he is at in the recruiting process.....

SK: Adonis, what was the deciding factor for you to commit to Kansas State?

AT: I made the verbal commitment with Kansas State because I have like sort of a bond with the Kansas State Coaching staff but I mean there is a lot leaning me towards Kansas State and right now that is my number one school but I am going to see what else is out there.

SK: Are you going to attend any camps this summer?

AT: I am going to try to make it out to one of the July camps out there (KSU), I am not sure but that is what I am going to try and do is get out there.

SK: What other schools are involved in recruiting you right now?

AT: Like some of the other schools I am looking at right now are Minnesota, Florida, Michigan State and Iowa. A lot of schools are sending me stuff.

SK: Which coach is recruiting you for Kansas State?

AT: Coach Prince mainly. Then Coach Horton and Coach Morris are in charge of recruiting me. Also, just people buzzing about me here, they were asking who is this kid from Shabazz and that is really what kind of sparked the interest and spread it around. The coaches from Kansas State came up here recruiting for defense and they just started hooking up with my coach and they got a film package together and sent it out and Coach Prince just started recruiting me hard and told my coach they were looking at me and wanted me.

SK: Did Coach Prince tell you anything about you continuing to look at other schools?

AT: Coach Prince just told me that like if I were to give him a verbal he is happy with a verbal and he knows other schools want me but he wants me bad. Coach Prince is just saying he is just happy with my verbal but he would be overwhelmed with my signature if I were to sign, if I could sign a commitment letter right now.

SK: How often do you talk with Coach Prince?

AT: I can reach out to him (Coach Prince) and he can reach out to me and he sends me text messages and you know Coach Morris sends me text messages too and reaches out. You know the lines of communication are always open here and we keep up ya know. I mean they know I am looking out there still but Kansas State is still my number on school. I keep up with them and everything is open.

SK: Tell me a little about your running style. What kind of running back are you?

AT: Like my whole running style is modeled between Marshall Faulk and Barry Sanders. I am elusive but I can still catch the ball and make a big plays out of nothing…..The thing that I like about the Wildcats is that they have a new coaching staff and all of them, every coach on that staff has experience. I mean Coach Ron Prince was doing great before he came at Virginia and they won a bowl game and Coach Morris you know he has won a Super Bowl ring and I just want to be a part of that. They all know what is going on and have experience and have done things at other levels. Just the way that they are talking, I know they are going to have a winning program and I want to be a part of a winning program.

SK: Do you have any official visits scheduled?

AT: I am going to wait and let the season roll out and then take some visits from there. Right now I do not have anything planned. I am just thinking that National Signing Day is in February so I want to take my visits in January and that way I will have a solid school that I want to sign with. But my verbal with Kansas State is strong. I just have some other schools that I want to look around at.

SK: If you had to rank or put a percentage that you will sign with Kansas State – what percentage would that be?

AT: With Kansas State, I would say it is like 85 to 90 percent. My verbal to them is pretty strong and they are my number one school but Coach Prince knows there are other schools out there recruiting me and I just want to look but I would say, you know 85-90 percent that I am going to Kansas State. Probably 90 percent I stay with Kansas State.

SK: Is there anything you want me to tell Wildcat Fans?

AT: If I do come to Kansas State I want them all to know that I am going to try my hardest to win them a national championship and bring a lot of wins to their program for the time that I am there. I want to get my education at Kansas State and I am excited to come to Kansas State and become a Wildcat. I am probably going to major in Business Management.

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