Still Solid to K-State?

One of the top prospects in the state of Texas this year, Irving's Brandon Walls talks about recruiting and where he is at in terms of his commitment to the Cats. With Summer in full swing, this Irving High product is not resting....

At 6-foot and 205 pounds with legitimate 4.5 speed, Kansas State commit Brandon Walls from Irving High School has become a hot commodity in recruiting these days. Catching up with the star linebacker, Hall said that although schools are still continuing to write him, he is solid in his commitment to the Cats.

"Yea, I am pretty solid to Kansas State. I am not looking at any other schools right now, just them. I committed to them and I am not looking anywhere else," Walls told KStateFans.

It never hurts to have a coach with experience coaching a defense ranked as number one in total defense in the NFL recruiting you either in DC- Raheem Morris.

"Coach Morris and Coach McCarty recruited me for Kansas State. I really like them both and I think Coach Morris is really going to be able to show me some things out there and help me to get better."

Past that coaches though, Brandon said his trip to Manhattan for a visit was special and that was the deciding factor for the star player.

"I went on an unofficial visit there for the Spring game and I just liked everything pretty much when I was there. The atmosphere and everything, it is just real nice up there. I really liked my visit there and liked what I saw at the game and I think I will fit in there."

Staying in the Big 12, Walls admits that Kansas State was not originally his first choice and that distance was a factor in the beginning. Having seen what the Cats had to offer however was a difference maker for him and proved to be enough to convince him he belonged in Manhattan.

"It took a little bit of time for me to decide to commit. At first I did not want to go out of state. I wanted to stay in state but I just really liked it up there. I liked my visit up there. That is pretty much why I committed. The Spring game and all and then the atmosphere and the people and the fans up there. I met a lot of recruits at the game, there were a bunch of guys at the game that I got to see. I just really liked it out there and the trip and all was the thing for me. Just seeing everything and getting to talk to the coaches and knowing what they are about and all. At first you know it was pretty far but it just felt like home there. It just felt like home there and that is what everything kind of came down."

Able to play all three linebacker positions, Walls admits he has a preference for OLB and looks to start his career there for K-State.

"Right now I play outside linebacker for my team now so that is the place I know the best. I am not sure about where I will play there but outside linebacker is where I think I am going to be playing. Once signing day comes they will get me the play book and everything and from there you know I just try to get that down and learn everything to play."

In terms of summer plans and getting ready for the football season, Brandon says he is working hard this off-season.

"I am just working out every day and lifting. I am going to try and go to one of their football camps this summer maybe – the coaches want me to come out in July I guess and see everything again. The coaches say they want me ready to go and play my freshman year, play immediately."

As for current numbers in the weight room, the star linebacker said that he is not happy with his numbers just yet and has more work to be done.

"I am at 285 on the bench right now and for the squat I am at 485. I am spending time in the weight room this summer though and am going to put up bigger numbers,"

Asked what he thought he does best on a football field, Walls was quick to reply.

"I like tackling and hitting hard, that's probably what I do best. I run a 4.4 so they are not going to run away from me, I am going to hit them. Really just going out there and hitting hard."

Asked if he has anything he wanted to relay to Wildcat fans, Walls chuckled and simply stated: "I am just proud to be a Wildcat."

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