Dylan Meier is the Man

Kansas State head football coach Ron Prince announced Sunday the Wildcats' depth chart for the season opener against Illinois State, with Meier, the Wildcats' 2004 starter, slated to begin the 2006 season as the No. 1 quarterback.

Meier did not play in 2005 due to reconstructive surgery on his right shoulder.

"We said all along the competition would decide who the quarterback was," Prince said. "All quarterbacks are judged on how they get their team in the end zone. The players respect Dylan, and we have good chemistry with him in there."

Prince said that the quarterbacks were told of their status over the weekend.

Of true-freshman Josh Freeman, Prince added, "Josh has a bright future. He has tremendous gifts. It's remarkable what he's able to do as a freshman and the fact he could push for playing time is impressive."

The two-deep features 10 players who will make their first career starts, which includes offensive linemen in redshirt-freshman Nick Stringer at left tackle, sophomore Gerard Spexarth at right guard, and senior Michael at right tackle.

On the defensive side, sophomore Ian Campbell will start at left end, junior Steven Cline at nose tackle, and junior Rob Jackson at right end.

At the linebacker, sophomore Reggie Walker (strong side) and senior Zach Diles (middle) will team up with veteran senior Brandon Archer to make up the Wildcat starters at linebacker.

In the secondary, former walk-on Andrew Erker will start at free safety over Marcus Watts, while the remainder of the secondary will be filled with familiar faces, including Bryan Baldwin and Justin McKinney on the corners, and Kyle Williams at one safety spot.

In the kicking game, Jeff Snodgrass held off a push from Tim Schwerdt for the place-kicking duties and will also handle kickoffs. Tim Reyer will remain at punter, while Yamon Figurs and Jermaine Moreira are listed 1-2 at both punt and kick returns.

Overall nine seniors are slated to start, eight juniors, six sophomores, plus Stringer as a redshirt-freshman.

A total of eight freshmen are on the two-deep which includes Stringer, Derek Meyer (LT), Jeron Mastrud (TE), Leon Patton (RB), Josh Freeman (QB), Trevor Viers (DE), Eric Childs (DE) and Kevin Hollis (SS).

Of those, Mastrud, Patton, Viers and Freeman are true-freshmen.

Missing from the 2006 starting lineup, who were starters last year include John Hafferty, Caleb Handy, Thomas Clayton (disciplinary reasons), Quintin Echols, Alphonso Moran, Maurice Mack and Watts.

"We said we were going to let the competition handle who we were going to start. We're excited about competition at each position," Prince said. "That's why we didn't make up our minds off of tape from last year.

"It's a positive that the middle of the roster can start or push for playing time. It makes for a competitive environment."

KSU's Two-Deep


WR — Jordy Nelson (6-2, 213, Jr.-1L)
Jermaine Moreira (5-10, 191, Sr.-3L)

LT — Nick Stringer (6-6, 271, Fr.-RS)
Derek Meyer (6-6, 301, Fr.-RS)

LG — Greg Wafford (6-2, 339, Sr.-1L)
Caleb Handy (6-1, 313, So.-1L)

C — Jordan Bedore (6-3, 302, So.-1L)
John Hafferty (6-2, 296, Jr.-2L)

RG — Gerard Spexarth (6-6, 312, So.-1L)
Logan Robinson (6-8, 338, Jr.-SQ)

RT — Michael Frieson (6-7, 316, Sr.-SQ)
Brock Unruh (6-5, 301, Fr.-RS)

TE — Rashaad Norwood (6-3, 229, Jr.-1L)
Michael Pooschke (6-3, 245, Jr.-JC) / or
Jeron Mastrud (6-6, 255, Fr.-HS)

WR — Yamon Figurs (5-11, 173, Sr.-2L)
Cedric Wilson (6-1, 190, So.-JC)

QB — Dylan Meier (6-2, 211, Sr.-2L)
Josh Freeman (6-6, 238, Fr.-HS)

RB — Carlos Alsup (6-0, 212, Sr.-2L)
Leon Patton (5-7, 184, Fr.-HS) / or
James Johnson (5-11, 200, Jr.-JC)

FB — John McCardle (5-8, 200, So.-1L)
Donald Raymer (6-2, 238, Sr.-SQ)


LE — Ian Campbell (6-5, 232, So.-1L)
Trevor Viers (6-4, 259, Fr.-HS)
NT — Steven Cline (6-1, 291, Jr.-1L)
Quintin Echols (6-0, 316, Sr.-3L)

DT — Blake Seiler (6-2, 254, Sr.-2L)
Alphonso Moran (6-0, 294, So.-1L)

RE — Rob Jackson (6-3, 265, Jr.-JC)
Eric Childs (6-3, 230, Fr.-RS)

SLB — Reggie Walker (6-0, 233, So.-1L)
Marcus Perry (6-1, 225, Jr.-2L)

MLB — Zach Diles (6-0, 240, Sr.-1L)
Maurice Mack (5-10, 215, Sr.-3L)

WLB — Brandon Archer (6-0, 239, Sr.-3L)
Antwon Moore (5-10, 209, So.-JC)

CB — Bryan Baldwin (5-10, 190, Jr.-1L)
Byron Garvin (5-10, 180, Jr.-2L)

SS — Kyle Williams (6-0, 201, Sr.-1L)
Kevin Hollis (5-11, 190, Fr.-RS)

FS — Andrew Erker (6-0, 195, So.-SQ)
Marcus Watts (6-2, 180, Jr.-1L)

CB — Justin McKinney (5-9, 185, Jr.-1L)
Devin Anderson (5-8, 178, Jr.-JC)


KO — Jeff Snodgrass (6-0, 200, Sr.-1L)
Jared Parker (5-11, 197, So.-SQ)

PK — Jeff Snodgrass (6-0, 200, Sr.-1L)
Tim Schwerdt (5-8, 174, Jr.-1L)

HOLD — Marcus Watts (6-2, 180, Jr.-1L)
Dylan Meier (6-2, 211, Sr.-2L)

LS — Jeff Mortimer (6-0, 231, Sr.-2L)
Michael Pooschke (6-3, 245, Jr.-JC)

P — Tim Reyer (5-11, 208, Jr.-2L)
Cole Brokenicky (5-10, 197, Jr.-SQ)

PR — Yamon Figurs (5-11, 173, Sr.-2L)
Jermaine Moreira (5-10, 191, Sr.-3L)

KR — Yamon Figurs (5-11, 173, Sr.-2L)
Jermaine Moreira (5-10, 191, Sr.-3L)

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