Wildcat Walk - 'This Team is Ready to Play'

Coach Ron Prince addressed the media on Tuesday and had some interesting things to say about the starters and those players he feels will make an impact this season. Creating new Traditions at Kansas State, Coach Prince will Introduce the "Wildcat Walk".... along with a few other changes...... Read all about it, Just Click Below!

K-State football coach Ron Prince summed it up pretty well in the Tuesday news conference.

"This team is anxious to get on with the business of playing the game," he said. "

We've had some good preparation here in the off season. We have done a lot of things to improve the depth of the team and answer some of the questions that we have had, but now it's time to get onto the first game."

Now that game time is quickly approaching, here is what some of the players had to say at the weekly press conference.

Senior starting weakside linebacker Brandon Archer on the opponents this week. "One of the most surprising things about Illinois State is the amount of quarterback boots and play-action type plays that they like to run. They will run a lot of trips formations, and on film they appear to be a team that runs a lot of boots."

Freshman starting left tackle Nick Stringer on his style of play. "I like to think of myself as a physical offensive lineman who plays until the whistle is blown."

Sixth-year senior and starting running back Carlos Alsup on making only his second start in his long career and his role as a leader on the team.

"Been thinking about this day ever since I got here, and that was in 2001, so it's been a long time coming. I feel like I have a chance to win the starting spot for the rest of the season, and hopefully I can continue the success that I showed the coaches in camp and be that No. 1 guy.

"I see myself as a leader on the team and a role model because I am the oldest player on the team, and I do take on that responsibility to help guide players."

Junior starting defensive end Rob Jackson on transition from junior college to Division I football.

"I've been doing good so far. The transition has been hard, but once I got used to it, I seem to fit right in to the system. It's a lot different than high school, but I got into it slow playing junior college. And now I've moved up to Division I, which is a little faster than junior college. I didn't make the big transition straight from high school to D-I, but it's definitely different, it's definitely a whole lot faster."

Things you should know before you come to the first game

The Wildcats announced the beginning of the "Wildcat Walk". The K-State players and coaches will be dropped off approximately two-and-a-half hours prior to each game at Gate 3 on College Avenue in the west parking lot of Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

The team will then make its way to the stadium through the parking lot on foot, eventually entering the facility through Gate C on the west concourse. The program is encouraging fans to participate in the event throughout the season by lining a path to the stadium and greeting the players as they arrive on game day.

Also, Denison Avenue is reportedly going to be opened for one-way traffic only during the first few games of the season. The construction along Denison, which runs next to the Peters Recreation Complex, is not totally completed, therefore there will be only one-way traffic until construction of the new road is complete.

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