Coach Prince holds Marathon Practice

So K-State coach Ron Prince's season didn't get off to the most glorious of beginnings. Hey, at least they won, right? Well, now comes the time when everything must be corrected. Throughout the week, the Wildcats will be analyzing game film and practicing harder than ever to fix all the problems that occurred during the Illinois State game.

While waiting after practice to talk with some of the players, I noticed something. The defensive and special teams players came in and talked with all the reporters after taking a shower, and they all went home. A little bit later, here came those big old offensive linemen and the rest of the offense, looking really worn out.

Quarterback Dylan Meier went into the locker room and put his shoulder pads up. He came out with the rest of his practice gear on (save his helmet of course) and the first thing he said to the reporters was, "Four hours later," with a smile on his face.

Based on that comment and linebacker Brandon Archer saying that he didn't have to run, but some of his other teammates did, I would venture a guess that the offense had a little more conditioning to do during Tuesday's practice than what was normal.

Here's what some of the other players and coach Prince had to say Tuesday.

Coach Ron Prince on the offensive performance last Saturday and how the running game should help the overall production.

We did not play well on offense at all. What you witnessed Saturday is going to repeat itself if we don't clean up some of the things that happened. The running game is a quarterback's best friend, and if the quarterback is ever going to have a chance to get on track, we obviously need to have a little more respect for our running game. The things we need to work on were very clear and we are starting to address some of those concerns.

Punter Tim Reyer on the different ways of practicing special teams, between this year and last.

"Well obviously, coach Prince has changed the way we approach special teams. Normally under coach Snyder everything was at the beginning of practice. Now it is more situationalized, like he puts it throughout the practice so that kind of keeps us on our toes. In games you don't just use special teams in the first part of the game. "

About getting more recognition:

"It is pretty nice because most people don't think it's very important. Obviously it played a big key in our win against Illinois State."

Right tackle Michael Frieson on what it takes to stop Ian Campbell.

"A miracle. He is one of the hardest workers on the team and he is so fast around the outside. He will lose of couple of times, but he is going to beat you sooner or later."

Linebacker Brandon Archer on the message sent to the team by Prince this week.

"He wants a lot of the guys to focus on not playing timid and not being scared. A lot of the guys played last week afraid to lose the game, instead of playing to win the game. He wants everyone to know that you can't worry about losing."

Linebacker Marcus Perry on his on-the-field demeanor.

"People tell me that I'm the nicest guy off the field, but that all changes once those lights come on. It's time to make people bleed when that happens. When I am on special teams, I go all out because I'm trying to do whatever I can to make a play, and hopefully I can rip someone's helmet off in the process."

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