Top Ten at "The Bill"

As we wrap up the weekend that was Kansas State over Marshall, here is my list of the Top 10 things that stand out to me. Things you might have missed while standing in the long concession line or just did not know.

A visit from the old and the new

Former Wildcat football coach Bill Snyder and new men's basketball coach Bob Huggins made an appearance in the press box during halftime of the game. They just walked around and chatted with some of the writers. Snyder was dressed in a nice suit and tie, while Huggins was wearing jeans, a button-up shirt and a pair of Michael Jordan basketball shoes. Huggins made his way to the field and did an interview with the television people.

Flag bearers

The Wildcats who were selected to carry the American and Kansas flags when K-State runs out of the tunnel was linebacker Zach Diles and running back Terry Petrie respectively. This has become a sign of Coach Ron Prince's respect for players, and he wants to show his appreciation for their hard work by letting them carry out a flag.

Nice Try

K-State tried to pull a fast one on Marshall, as the team attempted an onside kick to begin the game, but it was unsuccessful. Kickoff specialist Jared Parker appeared to be preparing for the opening kickoff, but instead he squib kicked it about 11 yards. Two Wildcats around him blocked the two closest Marshall players and Parker recovered the ball, but the play was called back due to an offside penalty. After the five-yard penalty, Parker kicked it through the endzone for a touchback.

Yellow T.V. guy

This was the first game of the season that was televised, and so this was the first game that the fans were treated to the TV guy who stands on the No. 20 every time play must be halted for commercials. He usually wears an all white uniform, but this game he wore a yellow shirt for some reason. He definitely stood out even more than usual.

A little hot?

Prince has worn a sweater vest over his white K-State shirt the first two games, but did not wear the vest during the Marshall game. The temperature on the field was hotter than it has been, and that might have contributed to his lack of a vest.

Wet Willie

K-State's mascot, Willie the Wildcat, was also a little hot during the game, as he was seen walking around with a water gun squirting random fans.

Where did you go?

Prince always seems to be standing on the opposite side of the field that the team is on. He is usually about 30-40 yards away from the action on the field. He probably just thinks he can get a better view of the action, but I have not seen many coaches do this.

Changing of the guard

John Hafferty got his first start of the season at right guard over Gerard Spexarth, who apparently has lost his starting job after the offensive line struggled during the first two games in the running game. Caleb Handy also came off the bench to play a little bit at the position. The only playing time Spexarth received was on the field goal attempts.

Peeved Prince

Prince stormed onto the field to meet wide receiver Jermaine Moreira after he got a personal foul for diving into the endzone after scoring a fourth quarter touchdown. Prince was seen yelling and screaming at his player, and found him on the bench a few minutes later to continue yelling at him. After the game Prince seemed extremely frustrated with Moreira, as he told the media that his actions are not how K-State players should conduct themselves.

No Norwood?

Tight end and K-States leading receiver Rashaad Norwood was arrested Saturday evening for disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice, according to the Riley County Police Department. Prince will be making a statement during today's press conference about the effect this will have on Norwood's playing time.

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