Keys to a Wildcat Victory: KSU v BU Preview

Kansas State v Baylor.... All you need to know for the Cats to come out with a victory is right here! Who needs to step up or "respond" as Coach Prince looks on. What the Cats have to do to open up Big 12 Play with a Win. Your Keys to a Wildcat Victory: Kansas State v Baylor.....Right Here!

Player of the Game on offense: Running back Thomas Clayton

I keep picking him and he keeps performing for me. Might as well stick with what works. Last week he rushed for more than 100 yards in the fourth quarter alone, and I see no reason why he can't carry that momentum into this game and get at least 125 yards and a touchdown.

Player of the Game on defense: Safety Kyle Williams

Haven't talked about Williams a lot this season, but he is fifth on the team in tackles and continues to be a productive player at the safety position. Everyone has been talking about safety Marcus Watts, but this week Williams will prove that you should not forget about him.

Surprise contributor: Cornerback Joshua Moore

With the pass-happy offense that Baylor runs, and the season-ending hand injury to cornerback Bryan Baldwin, Moore will play the nickel cornerback and will cover the receivers in the slot position. Byron Garvin moves into Baldwin's role as the starter, and Moore will get an entire game to showcase his many talents.

Player you shouldn't expect too much out of: Defensive end Ian Campbell

Campbell is excellent in pass rush, and Baylor will throw the ball more than 40 times, but Bell is elusive and I don't see Campbell registering any more than one sack in this contest.

Three keys to a Wildcat victory:

Contain Bell –
A spread offense is dependant on one thing, a dominant quarterback. Baylor has that in Bell, and the Wildcats need to make sure he does not get more than 200 yards passing. They will need a fierce pass rush from the defensive linemen, and the Wildcat secondary will need to play extremely consistent in order to shut down all the receivers.

Run the football –

Hopefully coach Ron Prince was watching the fourth quarter last week against Louisville when Clayton rushed for all those yards. Prince opened up that game with a pass play on the first nine first downs for the Wildcats. He will need to utilize Clayton more in the opening quarter so K-State can control the clock, control the tempo and keep the Baylor offense off the field.

Mute the crowd –

The first road game is always the toughest, especially this late in the season when the Wildcats are so used to getting the home treatment every week. They will have to stay focused and stay composed as the Baylor fans will try and take them out of rhythm. This game will show a lot about where the offensive line is and if they can continue eliminating the false start penalties.

Final Score: KSU 31, BU 21

The fourth quarter of last week's Louisville game showed me that K-State has what it takes to at least hang with good teams. Baylor will put points on the board, but the Cover 2 defense will cause Bell to make a couple of poor decisions and turn the ball over. Prince calls more running plays, and Clayton finds his rhythm as the Wildcats tame the Bears Saturday and open up conference play with a W and also move to 4-1 on the season.

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