Upon Further Review

Here's a list of ten things you might have missed at Saturday's 31-27 Wildcat victory over the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Offensive line shift

Coach Ron Prince shuffled the line a lot for Saturday's game. Only one of the five linemen started at his usual position, and only two of the five had started during another game this year. Senior Greg Wafford usually starts at left guard, but he was moved to left tackle in place of senior Michael Frieson. Sophomore Caleb Handy took Wafford's spot, and sophomore Brad Rooker started at center in place of sophomore Jordan Bedore. True freshman Brock Unruh made his first collegiate start at right guard, and freshman Nick Stringer remained the starter at right tackle.

Injuries, players not suiting out
Gerard Spexarth and John Hafferty had started at right guard for the entire season until Unruh took the starting spot Saturday. Not only did those two lose their job, but also they were not even listed on the two-deep depth chart. They both suited up for the game, so it is unclear if there was an injury to them, if they were suspended or if Prince just demoted both of them. Michael Frieson was the starter all season at left tackle, but he did not start and barely played against the Cowboys. Bedore didn't even suit up, which would explain why Rooker started at center. Wide receiver Toney Coleman and offensive lineman Derek Meyer were two of the notable players walking around on crutches during the game.

Missing Fish
Running back Parrish Fisher has been injured since last May, but he was always on the sidelines with his teammates during the home games this season. That changed on Saturday, as his familiar No. 7 jersey was nowhere to be found.

Flag Bearers
Prince changed up the flags this week. Usually a player will carry an American flag and another will carry a Kansas flag when the team runs out on the field prior to the opening kickoff. This week cornerback Byron Garvin and offensive lineman Caleb Handy carried flags representing the 1st Infantry Division and the Black Lions – two companies that are fighting in Iraq.
Garvin was second on the team in tackles with nine, and he shut down the Cowboy's best receiver, Adarius Bowman, who had only five catches for 59 yards in the game. Handy was blocking for running back Leon Patton as he rushed for 151 yards, and quarterback Josh Freeman threw for 177 yards and rushed for a 21-yard touchdown.

Prince not enthusiastic after win

On the field after the win, the team and the coaching staff was going crazy. Everyone was excited and the team was chanting and screaming going back into the locker room. When Prince came out for the post-game press conference, however, he was completely calm. His demeanor made it seem like he didn't even care that his team just pulled off one of the best come-from-behind victories in recent memory.

Hall of Fame ceremony
Jerome Howe (1969-72, men's track and field), Ed Nealy (1979-82, men's basketball), Ivan Riley (1921-23, men's track and field), Gwen Wentland (1991-95, women's track and field), Chuckie Williams (1973-76, men's basketball) and Bob and Betty Tointon (benefactors) were all acknowledged during the halftime show. These players have all been inducted into the 2006 K-State Hall of Fame.

Senior gives advice to the freshman

Even though Freeman is the starter for the foreseeable future, senior Dylan Meier doesn't seem bitter about losing his job. He was seen on the sidelines numerous times consoling the true freshman, giving him advice and helping him through his first collegiate start.

Meier pumps up crowd

Meier was on the sidelines for the whole game, and when his team needed him the most he delivered. He was unable to provide a spark on the field, so he did what he could by pumping up the crowd. He was seen throwing his hands in the air trying to get the 46,616 fans to rally behind Freeman.

Clayton not so enthusiastic
Senior running back Thomas Clayton was demoted to third string after a fumble in the Baylor game. He did not practice on Tuesday, and was seen sitting on the bench by himself for most of the game. He talked to Patton, his replacement, only sparingly. The team gathers at midfield at halftime before running together up the ramp into the locker room. Clayton was the last one to get into the huddle, as he was taking his time.

Campbell makes great play, but loses shoe

Defensive end Ian Campbell sacked Cowboy quarterback Bobby Reid on the last play of the first half. Reid fumbled and recovered the ball, but the interesting part is Campbell finished the play without one of his shoes, as it fell off during the play.

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