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The 10 things you need to know about the Nebraska game.....And then we threw in one extra for good measure.

Freeman's inaccuracy

Freshman starting quarterback Josh Freeman only completed 49 percent of his passes in the game. Almost every time he tried to throw a deep pass over the top of the defense, the ball was too far ahead of his receiver. And almost every time he tried to throw a comeback route, the ball landed short.

Had he of completed just one of his deep throws to wide receivers Jermaine Moreira or Yamon Figurs – who had their man beat most of the time – the game might have turned out a little different.

Trash talking

Freeman said that the Nebraska players were trash talking during the game, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. The opposing team might have been a little bitter considering Freeman verbally committed to be a Cornhusker, but then changed his mind when Ron Prince took over as head coach of the Wildcats. He also said that he did not say anything to Nebraska coach Bill Callahan before or after the game.

Freshman flag bearers

Freshman starting running back Leon Patton carried the American flag and freshman starting right tackle Nick Stringer carried the Kansas flag when the Wildcats ran onto the field prior to kickoff. This time the two flag bearers did not have stellar performances, as Patton only had 13 yards rushing and Stringer was pulled in the second half due to poor play.

O-line shift

Senior left tackle Greg Wafford, sophomore left guard Caleb Handy, sophomore center Brad Rooker, freshman right guard Brock Unruh and Stringer were the starters on the offensive line. Stringer was pulled in the third quarter and senior Michael Frieson took his spot at right tackle. Later in the game, Frieson moved to right tackle, Wafford moved to left guard, Stringer came back in at right tackle and Handy was removed from the game.

Third down conversions, or lack thereof

The Wildcats continue to struggle on third downs, this week they only converted on 1-of-13 chances. They were also only successful on 2-of-4 fourth down tries.

Mellow mood from team after game

Prince came into the press area with a sullen demeanor about him. It was fairly blatant how upset the team was after losing in the way it did to Nebraska. After Prince's conference, the players began filing in and they all shared his demeanor. Their voices were a little quieter than usual, and they were definitely feeling a bit down after this loss.

Missed opportunities

Nebraska kept giving the Wildcats opportunities to try and gain some momentum, but they never took advantage. Nebraska was stopped on its first drive, and was supposed to settle for a field goal. Instead, they faked it and scored a touchdown on the play.

The Huskers fumbled the ball midway through the first quarter in their own territory, but safety Marcus Watts was unable to hold onto the ball, which was eventually recovered by NU. The visiting team also fumbled two more times in the second half, but the guy who fumbled the ball recovered it, and the other fumble was kicked out of bounds. Each one of these would have been good for K-State had they been able to recover any of them. Any of the recoveries would have given the Wildcats excellent field position and a chance to do some damage on the scoreboard.

Sold out

50,723 fans were in attendance for the game. This was the 16th most in Bill Snyder Family Stadium history, and it was the first sellout since the last time the Huskers traveled to Manhattan in 2004.

Place your bets

Prince usually makes a reference to another sport during his press conferences. "Tonight's game was like a heavyweight fight," or "It doesn't matter how many times you practice, you can't always execute, just like free throws in basketball."

Some of the sports writers have begun to take friendly wagers on which sport he will talk about next.

Even though Prince did not make a reference to another sport during his post-game press conference Saturday night, that didn't stop the reporters from having a laugh about it.

Mohawks: The new look for K-State sports?

Senior running back Thomas Clayton was sporting a Mohawk at the game. The night before, men's basketball players Akeem Wright and Ryan Patzwald were also showing off the new look for K-State athletics.

Huggins and his recruits make appearance

Midnight Madness in Manhattan took place Friday night to introduce the men's basketball team and new coach Bob Huggins to the Wildcat nation. The newest high school commits were also in attendance for the event. Michael Beasley, Jacob Pullen and Fred Brown were in Bramlage Coliseum Friday, and they also went with Huggins to the football game and they received front row seats.

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