Players Weigh-In on Mizzou Gameplan

It's Homecoming Week in Columbus, Mo., and the weeklong festivities will end with a football game against K-State Saturday at Faurot Field. The No. 24-ranked Missouri Tigers (6-1 overall, 2-1 Big 12 Conference) had their undefeated streak snapped last week by Texas A&M, and they will be looking for redemption when they host the Wildcats this weekend.

As if that wasn't motivation enough, the Tigers will also be looking to erase a 13-game losing streak to K-State, stemming all the way back to 1992.

Coach Ron Prince and players held their weekly press conference, and here is what some of the guys had to say about Mizzou and what they are expecting this weekend.

Prince on Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel

"We feel like over the past few weeks we've had some solid defensive efforts, but this week will test us as much as any. I'm very impressed with their quarterback. Not only does he have a very extensive resume of winning, but also his ability to run and pass the ball is significant. Obviously, he's been a very good fit for the system he is in. He has speed and accuracy as a quarterback. He has incredible arm strength and toughness as a runner. Defensively, I think this will be the greatest challenge we have had up to this point."

Linebacker Zach Diles on the winning streak against Missouri

"I didn't even know that (K-State has won 13 straight). That is a big motivation factor for them. Thirteen straight losses to one team can get a little heated. Because of that, I think they'll have a little extra motivation."

Linebacker Brandon Archer on Mizzou's offense

"They run a lot of misdirection stuff. They have a quarterback that can run the ball so you have to watch him. They are going to try and spread you out, and they are going to try to run at you a little bit. They are going to use their tight ends; they have great tight ends."

Quarterback Josh Freeman on emphasizing red-zone play

"We just have to punch it in. We've been putting together some drives to get into the red zone, but haven't been able to punch it in. I think we are going to emphasize that this week. We need to get to the point where we are putting it in every time we get into the red zone. What we've been doing so far is unacceptable, and we're going to have to change that."

Quarterback Carson Coffman on the relationship between himself, Freeman, and his brother, Missouri tight end Chase Coffman

"Me, Josh and Chase have always had a good relationship. We grew up together. We played on an AAU basketball team together for a long time. We hung out all the time and our dads were really good friends so that's how we knew each other."

On talking to Chase during the season

"I talk to him probably about once or twice a week. We already talked this week. He was just talking about how he heard our defense was pretty good."

Defensive lineman Quintin Echols on the difference between Missouri this year and Missouri last year

"I think this is a different Missouri team. Brad Smith is gone and I think they are building themselves a whole new area about themselves. I don't think they worry about it too much."

Offensive lineman Greg Wafford on the improvement of the offensive line...

"We are improving but we still have some things to improve on. We are doing some things every week that we didn't do the week before, so we are just building some confidence out there and everyone is continuing to grow. I think we are improving week to week."

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