Excited to be a Wildcat

Athlete Jayson Cuba committed to K-State in February and closed the door on any other schools that might be interested. Although he still gets recruiting calls, this Wildcat Commit is anxious to get to Manhattan and get to work. Read on....

Athlete Jayson Cuba committed to K-State in February and closed the door on any other schools that might be interested.

The 6-3, 215-pound versatile prospect from Newton, KS jumped on the opportunity to realize his life-long dream of playing football for the Wildcats.

"I'm so excited about getting to K-State and helping out however I can," said Cuba. "I'm as solid in my commitment as you can be. Coach Franklin made it very clear that this is like a marriage and I've given them my word. He didn't need to tell me twice, because this is what I've always wanted to do."

While Cuba will be suiting up for the ‘Cats next season there is uncertainty as to what position he will end up playing.

"I've heard all sorts of possibilities," he said. "The safest thing to say is I'm just going to come in as an athlete and they'll determine where I can help them out the most. I've heard everything from defensive end to linebacker to safety on defense. On offense they've mentioned the possibility of being a power back, a big, physical wide receiver or a tight end. It's really all going to depend on how my body develops in the coming months."

Cuba has helped Newton to a 5-4 record on the season, but the future Wildcat is not satisfied.

"We had really high expectations for ourselves going into this year so it has been disappointing to lose as many games as we have. There have been a lot of bright spots though. We played Mt. Carmel, so I got to play against Tyson Hartman. I'm looking forward to playing with him at K-State.

"I'm looking forward to our game against Bishop Carroll because Kevin Rohleder will be on the field. It's a good feeling to go out there against great athletes that you're trying to beat, but at the same time know that you're going to be on their team in the coming years. I really think K-State is bringing a lot of good players into the program."

While he has picked up his play recently Cuba was not happy with his performance early in the season.

"Looking back I wasn't playing as physical as I should have in our first few games on offense or defense. It wasn't that I wasn't working hard, but I needed to work on my mindset. I sat down and talked to my coaches and parents and realized that I only have a little bit of time left here. Playing high school football is a big deal and I just decided that I wanted to make the most of it."

Was the lack of physicality a result of complacency, having committed to K-State in February, assuring himself of a future in football beyond high school?

"You might think that would be the case," he explained. "I can see how someone would think that playing at the next level would be the only thing on your mind, in this situation. But really that's now how it works, at least with me. You have to live life one day at a time and be your best in every situation, no matter where you are.

"I love playing with the guys I'm with now and we're loyal to each other. It can be tough striking a balance between living in the here and now while looking forward to some exciting things in the future."

Cuba has attended every K-State home game this season and has an official visit to Manhattan planned for Dec. 8-10.

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