Brown Will Bring Versatility

Listed as an athlete that is capable of playing numerous positions, Lamark Brown is preparing for his days in Manhattan. With his season in the rear view mirror, Brown is turning his attention elsewhere and has interesting things to say about K-State.

Athlete Lamark Brown starred in a variety of roles for Hazelwood (Mo.) West throughout his high school career.

Now the Wildcat commit is preparing to bring his talents to the college level where he will add versatility and athleticism to K-State's roster.

"We finished our season 2-8, so we were disappointed about that," said Brown, whose high school playing days are now over. "I spent time playing free safety and running back, but Kansas State wants me to come in and play wide receiver. It's something I've done before so I feel confident I can help out there right away.

"I just have confidence that I can succeed and help my team doing a lot of different things on the field. Whatever the coaches want me to do, that's what I'll do."

While he did not play the position in 2006, he does have several physical qualities working in his favor.

"Like I said, I have some experience playing the position so it won't be new to me. My size is going to help me out a lot. I'll be able to use my body to shield defenders. I think I'm a lot faster than people think when they first see me. A lot of people wouldn't expect a guy my size to move well, but when I'm in pads out there between the whistles I'm moving."

At 6-3 and 220-pounds Brown runs the 40-yard dash in 4.55 seconds. He runs using long strides and has a powerful lower body. While he committed to the ‘Cats very early in the recruiting process the excitement has not worn off.

"I'm just as excited to be going to K-State now as I was back when I committed," said Brown. "I picked them because when I visited for the first time I was treated better than I had been anywhere else. I had been to Missouri and Indiana, but K-State was different. The fans were a lot better and the coaches made me feel a lot more welcome.

"The last time I talked to the coaches was after they won the Texas game. It was nice to hear them so excited about that. I know that was something they had really wanted to do this year. I've been really impressed with the whole team this year. They're not where they want to be yet, but 7-5 is a lot better than most people were talking about at the start of the year."

Brown will join many other K-State verbal commitments in the Class of 2007 for an official visit to Manhattan beginning December 8.

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