Freeman Makes No Excuses

Immediately following the game, Josh Freeman took time to compose himself in the locker room and then came out to address a media frenzy. Freeman shoulder the blame for the mistakes made on the field and gave credit to a good Rutgers team on their victory.

Looking very much like a Freshman at times, Josh Freeman scrabbled, ducked and dodged at times and generally tried to make plays to lead his Cats to a victory. The victory did not come but beyond his years, Freeman faced the media and discussed the mistakes he made on the field.

"We knew Rutgers was a good team and they were going to bring what they had, and we didn't respond to it. You have to tip your hat to them, because they played a great game, and we didn't. I think they were really hungry because they felt like they got left out of a BCS game, and they were out there to prove something tonight, and we weren't able to respond," said Freeman directly after the game.

On a night where the Offensive line had break downs due to an attacking defense that constantly applied pressure, Freeman and the Cats offense sputtered.

"Disappointed. We feel disappointed in what we were able to do out there. They (Rutgers) played a really good game and so you have to give them credit for that but we were not able to get into any type of rhythm and get our offense working. We had some chances but we were not able to do alot with them."

Starting the second half only down by a touchdown and getting the ball - Freeman's interception early in the thrid quarter proved pivotal.

"The play was there, I just slipped. But I'm not going to make excuses – the ball didn't go where I wanted to it go. It was a little low, and the linebacker made a great play."

The Rutgers defense applied pressure throughout the game, constantly bringing pressure often giving Freeman very little time to throw and survey the field.

"We just couldn't into rhythm, once again you have to give a hand to Rutgers – they played a good game."

Looking to the stands, the Wildcat faithful turned out in droves and packed Reliant Stadium in what looked like two Wildcat Fans for every Rutgers fan in the stadium.

For some on this Wildcat squad, this will be the last game they play in a Kansas State uniform and the great fan support was not lost on the players.

"It's never fun to lose. We wanted to put our seniors out on a lot better note. And I want to apologize to our fans, because they came out to support us, but we didn't have their back."

On a night filled with mistakes, Freeman made none when he faced the press and shouldered the blame for those mistakes he made on the field.

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