Coach Wallerstedt - Special Teams Coach

Coach Prince continues to make changes on the coaching staff as he named Defensive Ends coach Matt Wallerstedt as the new Special Teams coach - Replacing Tim Tibesar who has been promoted to Defensive Coordinator.

Having promoted Coach Tim Tibersar as the new Defensive Coordinator for the Cats, Coach Prince announced that Coach Matt Wallerstedt will be the new Special Teams Coach for Kansas State.

"One of the moves that we have had planned is that Matt Wallerstedt will be our special teams coach. Matt has had experience as a special teams coordinator and he will do a terrific job at that. He has worked hand in hand with Coach Tibesar all season as well as other assistant coaches did and because of the way we do things and the high priority we put on the kicking game, including myself, it is a whole team effort and staff effort," said Coach Prince about his latest coaching change.

Special teams is an area that has performed well throughout the season and this is a area that Coch Prince says will remain an emphasis and something he looks to improve in 2007.

"We think that both the areas of defense and (the) kicking game will improve in the next year."

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